How does the PokerStars VIP Scheme work?

Players earn VPPs for every $1 of rake at real money tables.

PokerStars status levels and multiplier

VPPs set your status level and give you FPPs (Frequent Player Points) which can be spent on bonuses, tournament tickets and the store. The higher your status level, the higher your FPP multiplier.

What do I spend my FPPs/VPPs on?

Frequent Player Points (FPP) Store
FPPs are earnt based on your status level multiplier. They are used to purchase cash rewards, tournament tickets and other merchandise from the FPP store.

Your FPP balance is deducted when you purchase rewards from the store.

Cash Rewards

The higher your status level, the more FPPs you earn per VPP, giving better returns when purchasing cash rewards

Your VPPs earn you stellar rewards and milestones. These are worth between $10 and $19,200!

Your VPP balance is not deducted when you earn new rewards.

Overview of expected Rakeback

To get an overview how much rakeback you will get for your monthly rake on PokerStars have a look here:
Our VIP offer at PokerStars

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