Playing my way to University.

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      I like the concept of blogging but I've never actually given it a try. Well, here I go I suppose?

      I'm gonna keep this short;

      I'm 18, English and in the 2nd year of my College life studying A-Levels (Business, Economics, Politics and Psychology) . NL2 SH is my current limit, starting from the bottom, playing ABC pokers. However I have ambitions to become a decent tourney player and to learn PLO!

      My goals are;

      -To improve as a player through this site and wonderful community.
      -To get to a point in 10-12 months time where I can help subsidise a hopefully crazy University lifestyle.
      -Place well in a tourney.
      -Become a forum troll and keep you guys updated on my ups and downs and thoughts from the very beginning of my poker career.
      -Become Queen of England *COUGH* I mean King?
      -Do well in all academic studies.

      My obstacles?

      -Me aka laziness
      -Ironically, my academic studies.
      -Modern Warfare 3. That pesky game comes out next week and I just know I will be addicted.

      Anyway, thats it for me. Hope you keep reading! Oh and sorry for the forum name - z button got stuck ;)

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