=== Statement from HM2 Boss Jim Varnon ===

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      My name is Jim Varnon and I am the CEO of Hold'em Manager.

      As you are aware, we released a new version of Hold'em Manager last week ("HM2"). There have been issues identified in the initial release that we have put on the top of our priority list and intend to push updates for them over the course of the next 14 days. We began this process the day after the launch on Nov 2nd and we have pushed several updates already.

      In order to keep you informed of what is on our target list for the next two weeks, we have created [this thread] on your forums. We will remove items from this list as they are pushed live and we will add new items to it that we are targeting within the next two week cycle of updates. We normally don't commit to a specific date on individual issues because there are always factors that you could not predict. But this is a special circumstance and you deserve more specific commitments.

      This IS NOT a list of every request that users have and it is not even a list of every bug. It would be irresponsible of me to promise you HM2 will be bug free as of a certain date. Hold'em Manager (version 1) nor any competitor product is without bugs and we will address those through regular ongoing updates. To be completely forthright, I can tell you that HM2 will have a bigger share of those type updates for a few months even after we resolve all the higher priority issues. HM2 was in beta for 6 months but we still fully expected a surge of non-critical issues that would be raised in the first few months. Having said that, there is nothing we have seen in the initial issues reported that we cannot or will not resolve.

      Some have expressed concern about their HM1 code only being enabled for 90 days after they purchase HM2. We are extending that period to 180 days but I am confident that the practical need for extending it to 180 days will be moot as we execute as I have mentioned.

      With respect to new feature request that you might have, our ability to respond to request for new features, reports, and stats was the primary consideration when building the new HM2 platform. We were limited within HM1 from continuing to innovate and evolve as we wanted to. Once we have the major initial launch issues behind us, we will focus on those types of HM2 requests.

      I realize that we set the bar very high with the original Hold'em Manager and your loyalty to HM is the life blood of our dedication to raising that bar even higher with HM2. I apologize for the frustration that you have experienced due to some of the initial issues. They are in our cross hairs and we will keep you appraised in the aforementioned thread.

      Jim Varnon
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      I've always used HEM, and remain a user with high expectations. It doesn't surprise me to hear that you've received A LOT of negative feedback with HM2 because we immediately wanted it to be better in every way than HM1.

      BUT I think most people are still very excited about the new product and are confident that you guys will fix all the problems.

      Thanks for posting this thread.

      ps. Hotkeys for the hand replayer??? ( :heart:)
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      Well, apologies accepted for the next 180 days.