Cashout times

    • holmeboy
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      I've just looked at their cash out time frames and it says withdrawals to moneybookers take 4-5 days for standard members. Can anyone confirm if this is right please? Just seems really long considering its <24hrs for most sites.

      It's my first withdrawal but I verified my id + address before depositing so shouldn't have any delays from that.
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    • FatSunny
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      Thats about right to be fair 888 not the quickest. I need to get in touch with them myself today as last night they sent me a cashout confirmation dating back to feb this year which seems a lil odd! Made me a lil paranoid so will have to check that my bank statements match up to my cashout history.
      Anyone else had this happen?
      I dont really fancy having to check a years worth of statements.
    • luizsilveira
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      I always withrew there with no problems but it is slower than other sites indeed.

      It never really took the whole 5 days though, more like 3. But still.

      Yeah, but never had a problem (delay, etc.), money was always nicely sent to my moneybookers.
    • holmeboy
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      Thanks guys. Hopefully it will only take 3 days! Hoping to hit Gold member next week so that should speed it up too...
    • propkrhustle
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      hey bro, ive cashed out from 888 quite a few times via my debit card, it said 3-5 working days but everytime the money has been in my account after 1 intermediary day, ie, i cashout req on mon, nothing tues, money in my acc by weds morning :) Weekends are diff however, if you process a req on fri/sat it'll be monday, sun it'll probs be tuesday. Just my 2 cent from my past exp. :) All the best
    • Fagin
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      I have frequently cashed out to my Moneybookers acc and it usually gets there within 24 hours. Sometimes even within 12 hours.

      I have not been asked to verify my ID (as far as I remember) and still cashed out over 2k last year spread over a dozen or so withdrawals.
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      Thanks for helping out here guys

      :heart: this community ;)
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