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    • Vip3rNZ
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      Hi i signed up at poker888 today to get the free $8 no-deposit bonus. I signed up through poker strategy played a few hands and got my bankroll there up to $10.

      I Just came back to pokerstrategy to make sure i was getting strategy points for my time spent at poker888 and I had to enter my screen name for poker888 here at pokerstrategy. How do i know if i will get strategy points for my time there or if i have earned any so far?
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    • MrMardyBum
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      Just click the arrow next to 888poker on your home screen (if you only started today give it at least 24 hours) but then you should see that it is pending, even if the points are not credited yet :)

      I'm pretty sure you'll get them though :)

      Or if you are impatient then you could always contact live support at 888 themselves to make sure you are tracked to Poker strategy.

      Hope that helps mate, good luck spinning up that $10.
    • Vip3rNZ
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      I am very impatient lol but thats not good so i will practice my patience and just wait and see what happens.

      Thanks for the reassurance tho :D :D
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      Thanks for helping here MrMardyBum.

      You have everything sorted now Vip3rNZ?

      If not, don't be afraid to shout!

      Best regards,