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PokerCamp in Gibraltar ---- charity event

    • Siete777
      Joined: 27.08.2006 Posts: 5,688

      This is a unique opportunity to push your edge and get an insight into the lives of poker pros in Gibraltar. The package includes the following services for just four people:

      - pick up and drop from Malaga airport (130 miles) from me or GusanoZ.
      - b&b in my penthouse in the south of Gibraltar with magnificent views over the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain and Morocco. (See photos below)
      - You'll get at least 10 h pvt. coaching of SNE & NL midstakes grinder Gusano21 (nick on stars is gusanoZ), PokerStrategy NL coach DeluxeSamy and SNE and NL Siete777 coach. And you can watch us playing at any time. If you dont know us yet, have a look at our blog!
      - activities around Gibraltar after consultation with you, like kitesurfing in Tarifa, wakeboarding in Marbella and / or partying in Gibraltar, Marbella and Estepona.
      - Get to know Gibraltar and its very special atmosphere and the headquarter

      Push your Edge and join the PokerCamp! In addition, you are doing something good here, because the revenue of $10,000 goes 100% to charities.

      This it how it works: We sell exactly 100 tickets, each one costs $100. We will select four lots, whose owners can visit us then. The draw will take place live and on air in a coaching, so that you can be sure that I did not choose my best buddies. :) Also, you can buy more than one ticket to increase your chance. Should someone get two lots, he can sell or give away a ticket.

      Small example of the increased probability for multi purchases: At 20 purchased lots p (win a ticket) = 20/100 + (80/100 * 20/99) + (80/100 * 79/99 * 20/98) + ( 80/100 * 79/99 * 78/98 * 20/97) = 59.7%

      Thank you for participating and see you soon in Gibraltar,


      The rock of Gibraltar

      Your "office" here... ;) coach Sim87 already been here


      1) Online transfers are exclusively possible via PokerStars, NETeller and MoneyBookers.

      2) The tickets are only reserved when paid. However, it can be made pre-reservations, which have a validity of two weeks. During this period, the transfer should be made.

      3) information on the recipients of $ 10,000 will follow soon and can also be done in consultation with you as donors. The more you donate, the more we respect your "wishes".

      4) is not responsable in any way for this action, it is a private initiative of myself and the other two coaches.

      5) Specific data can not be given yet, but it will be around april. Again, we will discuss it with the actual winners.

      6) Flight costs are not included and must be paid by the winners. However, the price of early bookings are pretty low.

      7) The package includes 5 days in Gibraltar and will include the weekend.

      8) First come, first served. We sell exactly 100 tickets. Not more, not less. If we do not sell 100 tickets, the promotion will never happen.

      reservations: (89 sold --> 11 of 100 left):
      dhw86 (20)
      dwdb (20)
      Trickshot625 (7)
      Stylus (5)
      Etnix (5)
      Becks777 (5)
      backdoorgushot (5)
      77Flo77 (3)
      lynar (2)
      sleeper1979 (2)
      everyoneissolid (2)
      arebew (2)
      super 1
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