Guide to opting in! PLEASE READ BEFORE OPTING IN!!!!

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      Guide to opting in!

      As you have all probably noticed there are many new threads popping up with the subject "I'm in".

      If you create a new thread to do this YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PROMOTION!!!

      Here is a quick guide to opting in...

      Step one - Find the promotional thread that you wish to take part in as shown here.

      Step two - Make sure you are eligible to participate by reading the first post and if you are and wish to take part follow this - See Picture below

      Once you pressed REPLY!! Just type I'm in and that's it done!

      The moderators are constantly having to contact members about which promotion people are trying to opt into and it's taking the concentration from other parts of the forum where our help is genuinely needed, so please just follow this guide IT'S NOT HARD!

      Many thanks,

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