I just finished a gut wrenching but quite satisfying session. I improved my folding percentage from 16% to 90%. I tell ya, folding hand after hand, tossing away cards I would have otherwise played wasnt the easiest thing to do. In the hour that I played, I went to the river and showdown only once which I won. :D

A huge thank you to Cornholio and his video. Watching him throw away cards I would call: over and over again without flinching, kinda brought all the advice I have been getting from all the forum regulars and seniors together.

Thanks to all the guys here sharing your experiences and insights, made throwing away a straight, a flush or a full house easier. I guess the most satisfying of all was watching 6-7 guys get wiped out from their loose plays. A little sadistic I know. I stuck to my guns and folded my way to -11 cents which isnt huge but 2.5 BB. But it was probably the happiest I have ever been to be behind since I started. At that time, I had folded all by 2 hands on the pre-flop. the others were check folds on the turn and flop.

I kept to my scheduled plan like it says in the strategies and played on until when I planned to stop which was the next hand. Scored pocket Aces and won the showdown. Overall. I was up 3 cents and it makes the 3 days i took to read the strategies over and over worth it.. really, no joke.. . :D

No i aint crazy.. cause before that I was on a -150 BB downswing.

Anyways... Just wanted to say thanks.

P.S oh the source of my leaks and tilts was not only I was playing too many of my hands but I over thought my cards(trying to out think my opponents) and took it personally when somebody 3 bet me and not letting go. I would follow or rather be lead to the river.

A side problem with this was, for the 1 or 2 wins out 10 plays, I would always lose sight of a second or third player limping in and taking the pot. Just thought it would be useful to others with my same problem, cause i read a lot of others had the same problems I did.