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We've created an overview so that you can see what value you get when you play at WPT Poker. The overview is designed especially for VIP players who are capable of creating more than $1,600 rake per month.

2 rakeback examples

Our new Gemstone VIP promotion has kicked off, and we have designed a detailed breakdown to show you how it all works.

The figures are based on two examples:
Example 1 - Earn 12 Gemstones in 2012 (1 Gemstone each month)
Example 2 - Earn 50 Gemstones in 2012 (at least 4 Gemstones each month + 2 additional Gemstones)

In order to get 1 Gemstone on WPT Poker you need to earn 7,500 StrategyPoints which equals $1,667 Rake in one calendar month.

Main Factors of Rakeback
Example 1
12 Gemstones in 2012
Example 2
50 Gemstones in 2012

Per monthPer yearPer month
Per year
Rake and fee
WPT Points3,33340,00013,889166,667
WPT Poker WPT Poker VIP System

WPT Poker VIP level
PalladiumPalladium Elite
WPT Poker VIP reward
Rakeback VIP system30%
GemstoneGemstone Promotion 

Gemstone Rewards for 2012
Bonus per Gemstone (Jan. and Feb.)
2x $150 = $3008x $150 = $1,200
Rakeback Gemstone Promotion12.5%13.4%
AdminTop250 Promotion

Top250 Payout


Total Rewards
Total Rakeback

These figures are based on the assumption that the player consistently raked the same amount over the year and therefore:
• Achieved the respective VIP status on WPT Poker
• Finished in the Top250 promotion every month (based on example 2)
• Earned as many Gemstones in January/February as the rest of the year

The main factors of rakeback

WPT Poker VIP System
Example 1: Earning 1 Gemstone per month will give you the Palladium VIP level. You can get 30% rakeback by buying the $3,000 bonus from the WPT Poker VIP shop.

Example 2: Earning at least 4 Gemstones per month will give you the Palladium Elite VIP level (the highest VIP level at WPT Poker). You can use your WPT Points to buy the $20,000 bonus, which equals 40% rakeback.

Note: The VIP reward bonuses need to be cleared when you buy them which requires extra play.

The WPT Points can be saved and spent on the $75,000 bonus which is worth 50% rakeback. To do that, you need to create $150,000 rake which equals approximately 70 Gemstones.

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A Gemstone is worth between $150-$200, depending on the total amount of Gemstones you earn in 2012.

In order to get 1 Gemstone on WPT Poker you need to earn 7,500 StrategyPoints which equals $1,667 Rake in one calendar month (e.g. February 1 - February 29, NOT February 15 - March 15). Bonus Points do not count for Gemstones.

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Top250 Promotion
Each month we reward our top grinders by giving away $80,000 in our exclusive rake race. If you earn approximately 31,000 StrategyPoints per month, you will get a cash prize of $200 each month.

Note: These figures are based on the average results of the Top250 promotion in 2011 and are not guaranteed. However, these numbers are conservative estimations since the $200 prize was available starting at an average of approximately 22,000 StrategyPoints per month in the previous Top250 rankings. With 31,000 StrategyPoints it's possible to get the $500 payout prize.

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Additional Value

WPT Poker runs valuable promotions every month that add even more value to players, ie: Gladiator promotion, World Domination, rake races and reload bonuses.

Gladiator Promotion
The Gladiator Promotion will be back in action this March. It can give grinders an additional rakeback of 10-25% extra in that month. We'll keep you updated with more information as the time draws near, so keep your eyes peeled!

First Deposit bonus
If you don't already have a WPT Poker account, you can take advantage of the 100% up to $/£/€ 500 First Deposit Bonus, which is equivalent to 33% rakeback whilst clearing it.

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Diamond Status
By earning at least 7500 StrategyPoints in a month, you will also reach Diamond status at PokerStrategy.com. This grants you access to all videos, articles and strategy discussions from the best poker players in the world.

One of the many perks of being a Diamond Member is travelling to the PokerStrategy.com VIP events and meeting poker players from all over the world.

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