The Weekly Freebie 29/2: YourDoomTurnCard: Defining villains range on the turn

    • EuanM
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      Hello Folks!

      This weekly freebie is quite a sweet piece from YourDoomPoker - similar to the format Callum & Patrick used in their first video, but in re-player format with in-depth analysis from Ryan.

      It's a great hand as well as the video, so enjoy and please do share your thoughts for other viewers!

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    • Pkrpains
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      Removed by the user? :(
    • SvenBe
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      Originally posted by Pkrpains
      Removed by the user? :(
      nah, we just improved the quality of the video a bit more. Just reload the website and it will appear now. Sorry that it was down for 1-2mins.
    • OhKonner
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      First of all interesting hand.
      But as villain with a fish ip and a agg reg behind (you) I'd go much tighter for a value side as the villain. (suited gappers as low as 53s is loosing money i guess)..

      anyway my line for the turn would be to overbet like 85$ into 52$ that way he will have a really hard time continuing with his equity (and we could still fold to a shove). roughly estimated that bet will win you the pot about 80% and if the villain or the fish is gonna continue we could still be shoving any non club river since the pot now has 220$.

      I know that with the x/r youll get more deadmoney isolated, but there are serveral suituations in which u dont get to steal the pot (e.g. both check and may improve, or it goes bet + call , in which case you'd propably call also and not raise/shove). Given this i'd rather steal that pot immedeately in 80% :)