EDIT i got my hud back!

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      I was playing and the hud dissapeared .
      I have had it installed for 3 days and now there is no hud on full tilt.
      this is a fresh install of my windows xp . but the real point is that it ws working when i went to sleep and now i cannot get it back what happened?
      pleae help i really like it.

      * EDIT*
      I dont know how but apparently the hud was turned off in the settings. found it when i clicked on the elephant . and is it just me but it looks as if the stats change when you go to 6 player filter or 10 ect....
      the stat that caught my attention was the amount of overal $ won. it went down when the stats were at a 10 seat table .

      new problem ...

      ok so I have not changed anything on this pc. I have this computer that i have cleaned and started with a brand new os. just to make sure installing the post sql thing was going to work the first time. (and it did) now the elephant keeps asking me to create a newdatabase. if i tell it about the one i already created it says "database already created . no need .... or something like that. i know my stats are wrong. it has not updated how much i have won. I am about to go to work and I welcome any help out there. typically i would do a system restore to see if that helps but as i said before nothing has changed on this pc .

      this is the single most awesome software ever .... Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much.
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