HM vs cashier

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      Did you guys ever experienced to have less money in your cashier that you should have based on your results in your HM.I`m using HM1,and it happened more than once that i had less cash in my acc than what my hm was showing after my session... i very rarely use to check my cashier but today after having an ok`ish session i looked at my cashier and it's actually 1BI difference,probably the biggest i`ve noticed.

      I`m constantly playing 4-6 tables,and keep switching them so it would be impossible for me to track over a large sample how much i`m ahead or behind(and i`m not going to try to do that because over 1 session doesn't mean much)... especially because of auto-rebuy i could be pretty much off the real value.

      I guess it's impossible for the platform to mess it up?
      Interesting thing HM always shows more... never less than what i actually have :) ) kinda frustrating... i was just wondering if any of you guys had this problem.

      P.s. i`m currently playing mostly on PartyPoker.
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