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Ladbrokes Poker VIP Club

    • JoeNote
      Joined: 21.02.2007 Posts: 570

      [SIZE=14]How does the Ladbrokes Poker VIP Scheme work?[/SIZE]

      Earn 10 Status Points for every $1 tournament fee or cash game rake while playing on Ladbrokes Poker's real money tables.

      Ladbrokes Status Points can be exchanged for bonuses and cash, with increasing value the more you save up and exchange in one go. The higher your VIP level, the greater the value of this exchange is, due to their Points Multiplier which we will explain below.

      [SIZE=14]Ladbrokes Poker Status Level and Points Multiplier[/SIZE]

      In the table you see how many Status Points are required for each status level and how much rake this is per month. It also outlines what multiplier you get at each VIP level.

      * within 3 months

      Note: Ladbrokes Poker updates the VIP levels daily. Unused Ladbrokes points expire after 12 months.

      [SIZE=14]Cashback: Cash and Bonuses[/SIZE]

      Below are the cash and bonus amounts you can trade your points for and the amount of points required for each. The table also gives an idea of the approximate cashback you would see for each cash/bonus amount at each VIP Level:

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    • CrazedTulip
      Joined: 19.09.2009 Posts: 63
      "After reviewing your account and speaking to our Poker representative
      they have informed us that to receive
      the 20% rakeback you are required to meet the 10,000 points each month,
      if not you will received 17.5% if you have
      surpassed 3,000 points.

      The VIP status does remain active even after 3 months however the
      qualifiers for the rake back promotions are still in place where
      3,000 to 9,999 will only award you 17.5% and 10,000 and higher will
      provide you the 20% rakeback.

      We hope this has clarified matters for you.

      If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us again and we
      will be more than happy to help you.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Service Agent

      you should inform people about this, I haven't played at my account for a month and something, played few last days in april and did not receive rakeback even though I still have VIP status. so status matters for nothing, you get 20% rakeback only if you do 10k+ points
    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323
      Hi CrazedTulip,

      Thanks for letting us know.

      We made it now more clear in the opening post.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
    • Ghartman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 273
      Hi guys,

      Just to confirm that there is no direct pokerstrategy rakeback deal with Ladbrokes? Pokerstrategy automatically upgrades Unibet (also Microgaming) accounts to the highest VIP level to qualify for 30% rakeback. Will we be upgraded to VIP level (20% + optional 10%) on Ladbrokes if we link a new account? Or does it not work like that?

      Thanks in advance
    • tonypmm
      Joined: 11.01.2009 Posts: 4,823
      Just as a friendly reminder, the OP (and other promo threads) needs to be officially updated due to the move to iPoker. I'll now give an example calculation, just to show how to approach such a complex VIP program featuring both pending bonuses and cash rewards.

      The maximum value from the new VIP program is attained by buying pending bonuses in the rewards shop. They all have a 30-day clearance timeframe and return 31.25% cashback equivalent ($5 for every 160 status points, 10 status points are awarded per $1 in rake / fees like before). The rake required to release them fully is 3.2 times their value, and players should be careful and buy only those bonuses that they'll be able to clear in full (or almost fully) within 30 days. (NB: only one bonus can be cleared at a time on iPoker, so it's suboptimal to buy shop bonuses before the first deposit one ends.)

      The point-to-cash exchange return is poorer, 41.25% maximum: at the Emperor (highest) level requiring $12500 rake within 3 months to attain (but valid for a year once it's achieved), 22 Ladbrokes points are awarded per $1 of rake, so the 400K LBP required to buy the (biggest) $7500 cash reward are earned by raking 400K / 22 ~ $18182, 7500 / (400K / 22) = 7500 * 22 / 400K = 41.25%.

      Sometimes there will be excessive LB points left even if bonuses are bought continuously; those points can (and should) be exchanged to cash or (in the future and for low volume players) tournament tokens.

      For example, let's calculate the maximum value attainable from the VIP program by a very high volume player.

      To clear the $2K shop bonus, $6400 in rake is needed within 30 days. The bonus costs 80K LBP, but 6400 * 22 = 140800 LBP are earned by an Emperor during its clearance. Hence 60800 / 140800 ~ 43.18% of all points are excessive (left after buying a new bonus). By exchanging those points for cash, one gets (60800 / 140800) * 41.25% = 17.8125% cashback in addition to the 31.25% from the bonus itself.

      Hence the maximum return from the VIP program (for $6400 or bigger monthly rake) is 49.0625%. This figure doesn't take VIP freerolls and races and other promotions into account.

      Of course most players don't rake that much, but I hope that using the above methodology, everyone will be able calculate the return from the new VIP program to themselves.
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,026
      Yes, new data will be up shortly.

      Thank you for the post though :)