=== €65,000 Ladbrokes Team Championship II ===

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      [SIZE=14]Ladbrokes Team Championship II[/SIZE]

      Grab three of your friends and enter your team for a chance to win over €65,000 in team and individual prizes!

      Over the course of six weeks, poker teams from all over will be playing it out until one team is crowned the LTC Winners, earning themselves a MASSIVE €42,000 package to sunny Las Vegas.

      [SIZE=14]How can I enter?[/SIZE]

      To enter your team, please email the four aliases to team@ladbrokespoker.com

      All team details must be entered to the above address by MIDNIGHT (UK time) on Monday, April 16, 2012. The team captain must email the team name and all players' aliases.

      *Please ensure aliases are spelt correctly, as any misspelt aliases will not be included in the tally of points earned if they place in the points. Pay extra attention to capital letters or any special characters in the alias when registering.

      There will be a second chance to join in for late registration. This will be open for applications received between 00:00 on April 17 and 12:00 on April 23 (UK time).

      Copy and paste the following into your email, filling in the required information:

      • Team Name:
      • Alias1:
      • Alias2:
      • Alias3:
      • Alias4:

      Please note that once created, teams will NOT be changed and all team members MUST play the minimum amount of games required as per the terms and conditions. Ladbrokes Poker cannot be held responsible if individual players let the team down in this respect.

      [SIZE=14]How does it work?[/SIZE]

      • Each team must consist of 4 members
      • A total of 8 Vegas packages up for grabs worth a total of €56,000!
      • Over €65,000 worth of prizes for both team and individuals
      • 12 MTTs over 6 weeks
      • 2 MTTs per week and all four individuals highest score counts toward the team leaderboard
      • Incentive for individuals who play at least 7 of the 12 MTTs!
      • Even bigger incentive for individuals who play at least 10 of the 12 MTTs
      • All individuals have to play at least 6 out of the 12 for their team to qualify

      To see how the LTC Points are awarded please click here

      [SIZE=14]The Leaderboard and Teams[/SIZE]

      View registered teams here.
      View leaderboard of teams here.
      View your individual scores here.


      Each week 65% of the buy-ins generated will be withheld and go towards the prizes as listed below and 35% will be paid out manually on the day after the tourrnament.

      • View tournament payout details here.

      Ladbrokes Poker intends to add to the prize pool so that if the prizepool generated by buy-ins reaches or exceeds €55,000, we will add a further €3,500 Vegas Package to each of the Team Championship Freerolls (see below)! Under no circumstances will the prizes change to be of lesser value. A running total of the prizepool generated from buy-ins will be updated on the link below.

      • Click to view prizepool info and individual payouts.


      Team Prizes
      1st4 x Vegas Packages worth €10,500 each€ 42,000
      2nd4 x Vegas Packages worth €3,500 each€ 14,000
      3rd4 x Online Package worth €750 each€ 3,000
      4th4 x Online Package worth €250 each€ 1,000

      €3,500 Vegas Package
      • a) $1,000 buy-in events with $500 spending money OR b) $1,500 buy-in event
      • 7 nights at the Hotel Palazzo
      • $1,500 for travel expenses and spending money

      €10,500 Vegas Package
      • $10,000 Event Buy-in
      • 10 nights at the Hotel Palazzo
      • $1,500 for travel expenses and spending money

      Choose from a list of the $1,000 and $1,500 events here

      Online Packages
      •If you are a winner of one of our €250/€500/€750 online packages, please follow this link to discover your tournament tickets

      For further information regarding the tournament schedule, please take a look here.

      Ladbrokes Poker Terms & Conditions apply to this promotion at all times.

      If you don't have a Ladbrokes account yet, please click here!
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