Elephant question

    • Agiz19
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      I would like to know if one changes his/hers nickname do I loose the stats i had on them before?

      And I must say I like your software way more than poker tracker and ace hud... :D Its way nicer to the eyes :)

      And will I get my serial automaticly to my email when I complete 2000 sp requirement?

      Thanks for the answers! And keep up the good work everybody:)
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    • ciRith
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      The stats will be still in your database but from where should the program know which new nickname your opponent has chosen?
      So if you had stats about x but hge changes his name to y then the Elephant doesn't know that x is y.
      If you know that x is y then there should be a feature in the future where you can tell the Elephant that x is y and ir should display the stats about x/y again. (Maybe that future already exists but I don't use the Elephant at the momnt.)

      The licence has to be requested at your profile on the "Home" site as much as I know.