Everest poker is a good poker room

    • SherlockHolmes2ez
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      I saw many people here say that everest is a bad poker room, but actually it isn't I have really bad connection but for me it runs well, and I have seen a post where guy says everest is rigged, because of a badbeat he lost in 0.03/0.05 blinds dude are you kidding me? Who would lose time to win your 5$? I have made 50$ from 10$ deposit at everest, I am currently broke :P but I don't think everest is rigged, I had really a lot of badbeats there, but I have won sometimes with 2% of winning too, actually players when have a badbeat they think it's rigged, but when they won like this, they just don't give much attention to it, I think everestpoker is a good poker room.
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