Live poker time to show who is boss

    • SherlockHolmes2ez
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      I played live poker at my city, it wasn't in casino but, in a similar place, everybody there know me, and they respect me a lot, and say that I am best player there, and there a guy came which won a big tournament in holland, I won him 3-1 in HU, the one time he won me was, I got per of 2's and he got per of 3's, he raised preflop I called and the flop was, 2 7 A, he C bet I raise all in, he call, and turn another A and river another A, so he won at least 1 match
      But the problem is, those people really respect me a lot before I sit on the table but when I play, they look at me different, like I am very tight player, I play only nuts, actually it isn't like that, cuz I make the best bluffs, and best op bets at live, they act like that because they lose and get angry?
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