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BubbleBoy AGAIN!

    • Pirate0810
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 14
      I've played several tournaments up till now and after reading the articles, I used the chart to take me to a respectable end...


      I always end up with a really short stack when we reach the money..

      Starting hand charts: >24 BB too few good hands to build a stack.. When I finally fit a hand from the chart (after 60 folds or so..) people fold my bet.

      Starting hand charts: 13-24 BB... even tighter game?!? same problem

      <13 BB: Push or Fold time!?!? No desend hands to push with.. Big stacks are calling and raising almost any bets you make with a small stack.

      What advice can anyone give me here...
      And please, dont say "read the articels again". Cause I read them a lot.

      Because I am still bronze, I can't get to the other articels.. But some day I will get there I hope...
      While playing your sss NL10 I will probably reach silver in about a year.. :D

      So again... What to do from here?

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    • gemgem69
      Joined: 22.03.2008 Posts: 214
      Go to a coachin, I had ur problem then after watching one of the coaches push loosely eg any 2 in2 bb. Try calling loosely as well. if your in bb and have A9 and btn/sb puushes into you think about callin. Lots of examples of these situations but defo go to a coaching. The bubble is where a gd player makes there green because you should abuse rather than been tight thru it.
    • NRGBlaze
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 604
      imho the articles are written very good and you should stick to them but not always and at all costs - they are just to navigate you
      in the SnG you're more situation dependent so just try to adjust your playing style to the players that you're against
      the ICM trainer helped me a lot for the bubble play so i strongly recommend it to you
      keep in mind also that in the SnGs even if you lose a lot of your chips its not that critical
      I had a game today that after a bad beat i got only 70 chips left with blinds 50/100 and 7 players remaining
      I finished second
      it doesnt happen often of course but the worst thing that you can do is to give up
      and the most important thing - have fun :D
    • gonetrolling
      Joined: 10.05.2008 Posts: 28
      Since i have joined pokerstrategy i have played 70 tournaments and made the money in 7. Haven't won one yet but 2 2nd places. I tend not to worry about the cards so much when it gets close to the bubble and i start to focus on the players that i think are playing extra tight to make the money, and start being a bit of a bully. If players are folding when you raise it is because you have the persona of being a tight player, take advantage of it, and play a few extra hands. Chances are they will fold to your raise, or make a call/fold after you do a continuation bet. Good luck. :D
    • starbright1100
      Joined: 17.06.2008 Posts: 2
      And remember the opposite is true, too. If you see a lot of players at your table raising a lot to steal the blinds, wait until you have a hand and reraise them.

      I've busted players on the bubble doing this because they've raised with something like A6 offsuit and I've reraised or even called with AK we've both hit the Ace on the flop and you know what happens next.

      If you raise preflop from early or middle position with hands like A9 suited etc you can win a lot of pots in the middle stages and coming up to the bubble. Do not call an all-in with these hands though.

      Also remember a limp with these hands in the blinds and late position is deceptive if you hit that flush or runner runner you are in great shape to win some chips.

      I'm a bit wary of raising in late position or the blinds when either in the middle of the game or towards the bubble because everyone does it and I've found at least on fulltilt that people play back at me.

      I usually find myself pretty short stacked when I get on to the final table. A thing that is strange is that I've never won when I've gone on to the final table with the biggest stack. I've always been the short or medium stack and have doubled up a couple of times to win. I think I play worse with a big stack and concentrate more with the small stack. Something I have to work on.

    • Biglion
      Joined: 22.03.2008 Posts: 1,249
      Hey Pirate0810, sometimes you get quite lost when you start SnG tourneys.

      What buy-in do you play?

      I would encourage you to keep playing according to the SnG PS strategy.

      But please re read the following articles:

      Odds and outs - how to play draws?
      Advanced strategies for the postflop play
      How do you play speculative hands?

      and if you reach silver someday :D please read:
      SnG tournament: your opponents hand ranges

      This last one is quite important, you will get the concept in the coaching or videos sections as well, most opponents play according to a hand rage and its according to this hand range that you have to act sometimes in a SnG.

      I really love SnG and I would say you need to keep trying and learning. Eventually you will get good at it and start to make a nice profit. :P

      Use the coaching section as much as you can, its the 2nd best learning method after the strategy section.

      Good luck!