Pt3 Bad Bad News

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    • Tarnake
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      I installed the 60-day trial and it's working just great ... no problems whatsoever.

      Dunno what to tell you, man.
    • lilprincess
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      buy Holdem Manager it s teh best, and its 55$. PT3 doesn't come close to its possibilities
    • cannell555
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      heres another little post i've just made on the PT forum. This software is going to finish my poker playing days I think, i'm mentally exhausted over this. The last 2 days i've had unbelievably bad luck then this happens.

      post on the PT site:
      I've just been playing 9 tables, when all of a sudden my tables go crazy. Opening and closing on there own due to the HUD. I timed out on all the tables, two of which I was playing monster pots for my limit. This software has cost me close on $250, I had a different problem which I posted last week that also timed me out. WTF is going on. Its a fucking joke. I've just tryed to restart it and now the HUD doesn't show any stats either. This is a fuckin scam, absolutly worthless. The Winnings tab shows bluff information if you play past 12pm. The graphs dont have the same amounts as your stats. It is worthless. There is no point in this software! It does nothing its meant to do, and it will forever cost you money. I'm badly pissed at the fact you've charged me for this.

      The reply i'm expecting is, take screenshots and send them to us. NO! why the fuck should I? If I buy software I expect it to work. There was no warning message when I bought this product, why? There should be a big warning message, saying do not download this piece of shit software, it does not work!

      EDIT: then theres this to dampen my spirits even more, AKo NL20 BSS FR (deep)