Nice succes last few days

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      Started playing online poker in the middle of april this year. Have tried around 6-7 total sites, and am currently playing at Mermaid Poker. I discovered this site this friday, and learned alot from your guides, and made an account on Titan as I had accounts on most of the other sites, sadly I didn't really like the site, and the fact that they don't have EU licens so atm I'm not earning Strategy points, sadly :( .

      Anyway after reading your guides I felt I learned new things and it has been going very good for me the last 5 days. Friday I had a bankroll on around 55euro and right now I got 365 euro, quite nice progress. I came in the money in 4 MTT's (almost 1 everyday), first I won 35euro (3rd, 1.1€ buying), second I won 55 euro (2nd, 1.1€ buyin), third I won 162euro (3rd, 6.6€ buyin (way over my bankroll I guess, but felt like giving it a shit since I won money the last 2 days)), and today I won 140euro (3rd, 3.3€ buyin). Besides the MTT tournies I've also been profitting some on NL10€ FR (usually running 3-4 CG tables and 1 MTT).

      All in all a really nice progress in my opinion, and just wanna say that thanks for your awesome guides, as I learned quite a bit from them (eventhough I knew most of it, there was still alot nice information). Would love to share some of the hands in the other forums but sadly I don't know a hand converter for Mermaid poker and I don't know any smart way to write them manually (got the raw text but they are quite messy to read).
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