From SSS/SnG to BSS...

    • Spidey1978
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      I have built my bankroll up to $850 through, at first, SSS and, more recently, SnGs.
      I am now thinking of trying my hand at BSS.

      According to the BM article I have the bankroll of NL25 but as a BSS newbie would I be better off starting lower til I have a bit more experience at the BSS? Say NL10?

      Also, although I multitable with SSS and SnGs would I be better off playing just one table to start with?

      Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    • slikec
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      I suggest you start BSS at NL0,02/0,04 till you make around 10k hands there and see how it goes. If you fell comfortable than move to NL0,10/0,20 and play there at least 30k hands. At least i would do sth. like that. And play so many tables that you fell comfortable and have enought time to think. At start i think you should play on less tables later on you can higher them.

      But i have to say i am far from best one to give you advises. I play poker only 4 months now and basicly most of the time break even with some week sessions of nice earnings.

      And if you are good at SNGs i suggest you rather move up limits there!
    • tzveti
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      Hi spidey!
      I had the exact same problem two months ago - relatively safe bankroll that i won from an mtt and no skills. Conservative BRM is the key for success. I started NL10 , although overolled, and continued to climb up slowly. At certain points, this helped me avoid big loses. I started with two tables, now Im on 6 and plan adding more.You can read my blog for details. :D