Cash point - Over $760,000 in cash prizes to be won!

Paddy’s Cashpoint is a brand new promotion for all No-Limit Hold'em cash players which will award the top players with a total of over $760,000 in cash!
Get points when playing No-Limit Hold'em cash poker, win or lose, and climb the leaderboard to secure the best possible prize.

This promotion runs in 3 cycles, with each cycle divided into 3 weeks:

How can I take part?

In order to take part in the promotion you have to register through "No play" SNG's in the lobby. The registration will open from March 19th until the last day of the promotion!

You will accumulate points for every hand you participate in as follows:
• Each player who participates in a hand, but loses, will get 2 points
• Each player who wins a hand will get 1 point for every other player who participated in the hand (excluding the player himself)
For example: At a 6-max table, assuming a full table sees a flop, the winner will get 5 points (one point for every player excluding themselves) and all other players will get 2 points each.

What hands qualify?

• The flop is dealt
• There are 3 or more players participating in the hand

You also need to play a weekly minimum of qualified hands with a daily maximum of qualified hands in order to participate. Details are as follows:

Payout structure

Please note that special paddypowerpoker Terms & Conditions to this promotion apply.

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