Hi all, this is the flypoker

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      My name is John, i play on 888. i have deposited around £2,000 in total since January 2012, and i seem to keep losing every time i play. i am here to improve on my game and gain a better understanding of the game.

      i normally go all in with the following hands:
      AA, KK, QQ, JJ, Ak, AQ, AJ. sometimes TT.

      I normally play tournaments, since i have had better success in sit and goes rather than cash games.

      all advice is appreciated and any help given i would be grateful.

      I tend to play the 5.50, or 11 dollar sit and goes.
      if i play cash table, i normally sit down:
      30 dollars in a .25 small and .50 big blind
      50 dollars in a .5 small and 1.00 big blind.
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      Hey John and welcome to PokerStrategy.com

      £2000 a lot of money especially in a relatively short amount of time. Hopefully we can make your next deposit in to the last one you will ever need to make and turn you into a solid winning player. It's not gonna happen over night though it takes a lot of hard word, time and practice.

      What i would recommend that you do if you are serious about playing poker is set some money aside away from your normal living expenses something you can comfortably afford whether is £50, £100, £500 whatever but make sure its money you won't need for anything else. When you have this amount tell your self that this is your poker money, if this goes you will likely not play anymore poker isn't for you.

      Next choose a poker room to play on. You say you are playing on 888 at the moment. Have you thought about trying another room out? If you follow this link it will take you to a list of our partner rooms. By signing up at any of these rooms, following the instructions carefully making sure you use the correct bonus codes you will be tracked to PokerStrategy.com this means that you will progress from basic status to bronze and then hopefully keep climbing the ranks. This will give you access to a tonne of extra learning material here on the site :)

      Take a look at the tournament strategy articles:


      As you can see there are some you can read with basic status but the higher rank you get the more advanced the material gets. It's the same for the video section too.

      Probably the very first lesson you should learn is bankroll management this is what protects us from going broke and having to re-deposit. It's the most valuable lesson there is and we all need to learn it at some point or another. You can read more about tournament bankroll management In this article

      Then just start putting what you are learning here into practice, get involved with the forum, make some friends talk about poker and strategy as much as possible and you will start improving before you know it.

      Also don't take this the wrong way but because you have spent quite a large amount of money on poker so far this year maybe you could read this article on addiction and see if it applies to you, if not then happy pokering :) : http://www.pokerstrategy.com/strategy/psychology/695/1/

      Hope this helps, where are you from by the way?
    • flypoker001
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      thank you friend, i hope so too.
      i appreciate the advice, i will put time and effort in improving my game. lool

      i will have a look at the articles you posted

      i am from London
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      start by not stacking off 100bb preflop with TT,JJ,AJ,AQ (unless heads-up) & you will cooler everybody that does.........

      play $10NL for a while & see if you can beat it / study / move up.

      gl =)
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      thank you friend. i have come to a conclusion that TT is actually a pretty bad hand.
      well for me it has had worst outcomes. i dont think i have ever won a hand with TT
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      Originally posted by flypoker001
      thank you friend. i have come to a conclusion that TT is actually a pretty bad hand.
      well for me it has had worst outcomes. i dont think i have ever won a hand with TT
      How dare you! TT is my favourite hand :f_love:

      There isn't much I can add on top of ExternalUseOnly's reply... :f_biggrin: I can only emphasis that you need to be playing smaller stakes and get comfortable there first, at least this way if you lose it'll be far smaller! My only suggestion would be to play a bit of Micro stakes cash, the play is different from tourneys but it will give you some experience in how hands generally play out, you'll be able to fit in alot of hands and learn sooo much throughout whilst only losing the odd $ here and there when it goes wrong :)

      I see you're still only basic too, if you really are interesting in improving your poker skills then you need to get yourself a Bronze account at least ;) If you need a helping hand on how to get around this then give us a shout and we'll point you in the best direction.

      Best of luck on the tables!