24hBet (24hPoker) - Loyalty Program (30% Rakeback)

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      How does the 24hBet (24hPoker) Loyalty Program work?
      You earn 10 VIP points for every $1 in rake or tournament fees while playing on 24hBet's real money tables. The more VIP points per month you earn the higher the VIP level and your rakeback will be.

      Please note: As a PokerStrategist, you can request the Platinum VIP status and get 30% rakeback independent from your monthly VIP point balance.

      Important: In order to get the Platinum level on 24hBet you need to send an email to support@24hbet.com containing the following text: "Could you please upgrade the VIP level for my account to Platinum, as I registered my account through PokerStrategy.com"

      Please avoid using the points you earned before you have been added to the new level. You can see the current loyalty program level on the top right corner of the poker lobby when logged in to your account.

      How many VIP Points per month are required for each status level?
      1. Bronze: 0-499 VIP points
      2. Silver: 500-4,499 VIP points
      3. Gold: 4,500-9,999 VIP points (only 4,000 VIP points to retain the VIP status)
      4. Platinum: 10,000+ VIP points (only 8,000 VIP points to retain the VIP status)

      How do I get rewarded from each status level?
      1. Bronze: Trade VIP points for Tournament Buy-ins at a rate of 325 VIP points/1€ = 4% rakeback
      2. Silver: 10% rakeback
      3. Gold: 15% rakeback
      4. Platinum: 30% rakeback - VIP Level for PokerStrategists upon email request

      → On top of your rakeback, you also receive additional 2% of your generated rake in non-cashable Loyalty Points which can only be used as buy-ins for tournaments.

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