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Christmas Coaching 2012 - SnG/MTT - Application Thread

  • 46 replies
    • stevegold87
      Joined: 18.06.2009 Posts: 2,640
      Hi coaches,

      My name is Simon aka stevegold87 and I am looking for a free coaching on the 5$-15$ SNGs level 9 man Turbo.

      I have beaten the 5$ on FT before with a decent ROI over a decent number of game but that was 1 year ago and I feel like I am rusty. (before it closed down I was playing the 11$) I want to come back into playing the 15$ on Pstars with a deposit on january so I feel like a coach that's aware of how the game is noawadays would give me a real edge into getting back into the game.

      Thank you for considering me,
      Have a great day.
    • Saren113
      Joined: 06.03.2009 Posts: 2,973
      This is such a good intiative from pokerstrategy and the coaches / blackmembers / diamond members. Thank you for this oppotunity!


      I am Anthon, a scandinavian person from Sweden. I am currently playing both cash and tournaments I am mixxing it up between normal tournies and 180 man both turbos and non turbos.

      I do play around 10-18 tables at a time.

      I feel like it's ton of value in mtts as most players at lower limits is pretty horrible.

      I need help with my preflop game especielly with calling ranges.(20-7 bb game)

      I am currently playing with a 700$ role and I do play with almost 300 bis. at the 2.5$.

      From the coachnings I hope to get a "aha moment" that will evelope my game to the next level.

      I got another 1k on another site were i mainly do play CG as the competion is super soft. And all is stuck at the games of 2008.

    • stuart2617
      Joined: 21.05.2012 Posts: 3
      hi i cant believe you lot are doing this even if i dont get picked i think its great that soneone will get help with there game. my name is stuart hogg im 28 from uk corby to be precise i have been playing poker for about 10yrs lol i no what your thinking ten years and ur rubbish?well i have only been taking it seriously for the past year before was just fun when i was in the army something me an the lads did quite often for a bit of down time so i gained average knowledge on the game but now im in love with the game tournament only at the minute tho i play nearly everyday till early hours online pkr/full tilt every site but pkr is my main 1 im not really doin to well tho i mean im guessing i manage to stay about even mostly which is fine for me as i enjoy the game that much just playing is great. but i have great ambition to start playing live i have not yet not in a big tourny im hoping ukipt london in march 13 i say hoping but etherway if i dont make ukipt 2013 wil defo be the start of my live tourny career with leeds meet for pkr this december a maybe too who can say what the future will hold but i will keep up the hope and work.

      thanks guys GREAT WORK
    • Farmarchist
      Joined: 27.12.2010 Posts: 14,640
      My Application

      Dear Coach,

      I would like to get a bit of coaching on MTT's since I'm losing a lot in these things. Obv I know variance is supersick in MTT but I still have a lot of leaks too. I'm actually a cashgame player but my ultimate goal is to mix cashgame with MTT session now and then.

      This is why I need help:

      ONE TIME!! :D .

      Thanks for reading,

    • ironmask92
      Joined: 23.10.2009 Posts: 303
      Hi Coaches

      My name is Stephen aka ironmask92

      I'm looking to get coaching on the $5-$20 SNGs level for 6 max Turbo games.

      I've been playing for a year on Titan poker now and i have a decent ROI on the $5 games. However, i have had times when my bankroll was slightly over $500 and i was taking shots at $10 games with success.

      I have recently dropped back down to about $360 or so. The main thing i would like to figure out is if this was due to leaks in my game or if i'm just running bad.

      I constantly try to improve my poker game by studying the game, reading articles and reviewing my poker hands. I usually watch how other players play at the table so i can figure out what i need to do to take advantage of certain players.

      I'm playing only 1 table at a time because i want to continue to learn and improve on my game on a daily basis (i realize alot of players multi-table but i believe i can learn more from just 1 table at a time).

      It would be a great honor to be coached by one of the fine coaches in here and also when I'm good enough I would love to give back to the community by coaching someone else.

      Thank you to all the coaches and everyone else reading this.

      Have a wonderful day and good luck to all the applicants!
    • Antonioull
      Joined: 01.09.2010 Posts: 722

      I Play the Hyper HUs 15$ and would love to learn with a good coach :P


      Happy 2013 :D
    • Acespeci
      Joined: 19.04.2012 Posts: 340
      Dear Coach,

      I would like coaching in the SNG low limit ($3-10).

      I am a new to poker. I won $450 fortunately on my $50 in a 10k freeroll.

      I want to take Poker seriously.

      I will appreciate your coaching :)
    • z0fman
      Joined: 28.10.2011 Posts: 135
      hi coaches...i am a poker playing student from greece...and as u know the country is in a bad
      economic i have turned to poker to make a side income and help with my financial situation...before u think im a fish cause all greeks are fish i am in profit and have 20% roi over 5k games at small stakes...i play small stakes mtts reg turbo and hyper speed and sometimes 180s...biggest accomplishment pokerwise would be winning the hot22 back in if a coach wants to help me with my game whether it is for reg speed..turbos or 180s i would be very grateful...thank you
    • Gavron23
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 2,863

      This is a nice initiative :)

      I would like to apply as well - playing 20-35 6max turno SNG's...
    • meepwn
      Joined: 11.07.2011 Posts: 1,411
      Hello, very generous promotion. I'd like to apply as well.

      I play 5€-10€ 5max SNG's, but I've played nearly every format in the past.

      Compared to the average poker-strategist at these stakes, I believe I have played and worked on my game shit ton more.

      I like to think I am completely impervious to tilt at this point, and I am eager to learn.
    • doomsd
      Joined: 11.02.2009 Posts: 56
      hi i am from serbia and i like to learn more on mtt i play 5-20 e buy ins most of time i think i can improve i lot with good master :)
    • Schris7
      Joined: 15.01.2007 Posts: 730
      playing turbo 18man 15$-30$

      need some guidance to advance limits -.-
    • RJyoyo
      Joined: 23.03.2010 Posts: 2

      I am RJyoyo and I am playing on pokerstars 3,5$ 6max sngs. I just started playing on stars so I have small sample size around 400 toruneys and have roi around 8-9%. Before pokerstars I was playing on 888poker under nick roxiii8 where I had 9% roi after 3,5k sngs. On 888 I was pretty succsesfull but there was not much traffic so thats the reason why I moved to pokerstars. Here the game is a bit tougher and I would really appriciate your help. I would really like to move up trought the limits and also improve my MTT game wich is very poor :)

      Have a nice day!
    • lycoreus
      Joined: 27.01.2012 Posts: 223
      Hello everyone im Dimitris from Greece and i'd like to advance at 3-11$ SitnGos (STTs).

      I've been playing mostly 1$ sitngos for 10 months now and recently switched to 3$. I own HM2 and i review my games with Holdem Resources. I play only one table at a time and try to understand the game in depth before investing more money.

      Here's my graph

      If i get picked up prepare for a lot of questions :f_p:

      I really look forword for this. Keep up the good work guys.
    • Mark1790
      Joined: 14.09.2010 Posts: 245
      Hi my name is Mark.
      I am from Merseyside UK.
      Currently playing Turbo 45 man sit and go's on Stars vary between $7 and $15.
      I have watched loads of videos and read lots of articles (mostly off this site) and various books.
      I would love to be coached for any format.(within my bankroll of course.:) )
      I am 50+ and a TAG fish. :f_confused: I have been playing for just over 2 years.
      I usually 4 table at a time and have the ability to laugh when I'm donked out of the tournie.
      I have got some serious laughter lines now!!

      I hope to get picked but if not, best wishes and good look to those who are.

      Also festive greetings to all. =)

    • Luupainaja
      Joined: 16.03.2010 Posts: 1,148

      Sure like to have some coaching!

      I play 15-30$ 9-max STT reg speeds, turbos, hyper-turbos, occasionally some MTT-s.

      More information about me in my blog :)

      And peaceful christmas to everyone!
    • Roachor
      Joined: 03.01.2010 Posts: 357
      Hello There,

      My name is Kevin, 27 years old and i am from the Netherlands.

      Ive played cash -> SNG/MTT and now finally found a game for me, HU Hyper's on Pokerstars.

      Why hyper HU? Because its Fun its Fast and its really exciting.

      Currently i am still in my study phase, i dont know much about HU so i dont want to leak all my money away. (and as you know with hyper's that goes fast! haha).

      Tilt i have mildly under control, all i can do is get it in when i am ahead and accept when it goes terrible wrong. I guess some tilt will never go away but having it under control is a big deal.

      I am playing on the lowest limits at this time cause well, its a new game and would learn the most climbing up the stakes!

      At this moment in life i am playing pure for the learning and the fun, i have a full time job at the moment but outside of that job i dont have much so have plenty of time to make volume.

      Why pick me ? Since im new in the world of hyper HU it would be real interesting and a good learning experience for the teacher to show me the ropes. Its always good to go back to the basics once in a while and explaining it to another person really helps you understand it also. (sometimes puzzle peaces click together! have it in my line of work also).

      And if after the coaching you like what you see i am also interested for a longer coach/student deal. Ill bring the roll, you bring the knowledge :-)
    • AA91EST
      Joined: 16.11.2009 Posts: 239

      My name is Argo, i am from in Estonia.
      I have played poker for 3years now. I have played cash/MTT/SnG's.
      At time I have learn 6max Turbo Sng's one and half month.
      I'm playing 7$ and mixing 15$ 6-max Turbo SnG's.

      More info in my blog!

      Good Luck!

    • Whysoseriouz
      Joined: 07.05.2011 Posts: 594
      Hi everyone!

      I've played around 5.000 6 max SnG.
      Right now playing between 3 and 5 € games.
      Usually play 4-6 tables at pokerstars
      Read all sng articles, most psychology articles and quite a few cash articles.
      Read about a dozen poker books and watched all the videos possible related to 6 max sng + other videos i thought would help.
      Taken some coaches from Jaxtraw last year and Danport (spanish community) this year.
      Spend a lot of time everyday fiddling around with SNG Wizard and Holdem Resources.
      Right now doing daily sessions with AA91EST and studying a lot. ( i think he also deserves this promotion. the amount of time and effort he puts into improving his game is memorable. He has helped a lot in the last few weeks)

      At the moment i'm dedicating full time to poker:
      4-5 hours grinding
      2-3 hours session reviewing/analyzing
      2-3 hours reading articles, watching videos, studying Nash, studying specific bubble situations etc., doing sessions with friends and more.


      I'm really committed to improving my game and think this is a great opportunity to take care of some of my leaks. I think if i'm the lucky chosen one i can compensate the coach with my full dedication and hardest effort.

      Thanks anyways for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!