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=== The VIP Tour 2013 ===

    • Mariiina
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      The VIP Tour 2013

      The VIP Tour 2013 gives our Diamond and Black Members from across the globe the opportunity to take part in different, exclusive events in Europe for free; so they can each discover what suits their individual tastes.

      What do you get out of VIP events?

      A multifaceted program with different offers for each destination
      We'll take good care of you: nobody will be going home hungry, or thirsty!
      You'll meet with employees from and you'll have the chance to give your direct feedback on and get information first hand
      You'll meet successful poker players from across Europe and you can share your poker experiences and thoughts on other topics
      The Events Team never turns up empty handed. Revel in our highly-prized merchandising, such as our cult collector's rubber ducky, or another little surprise

      The VIP Tour - international choice - be part of it

      The VIP Tour offers a wide selection of events and locations, spread across the whole of Europe. There will be the classic party events as well as a focus on other activities. At present, we're planning events which center around sporting activities or poker tournaments. The following also applies to the VIP tour:

      Each event is open to every Diamond and Black Member
      There's no limit: every VIP can take part in all the events for which he is qualified

      The VIP Tour stations*

      English English English  6th -7th April 2013, KrakowEnglish English English  24th August 2013, Odessa
      English English English 13th April 2013, KievEnglish English English  31st August 2013, Budapest
      English English   11th May 2013, DüsseldorfEnglish English  7th September 2013, London
      English English English 29th June 2013 PragueEnglish English  26th October 2013, Regensburg
      English English English  Winter 2013, Paris

      The flags indicate which languages our teams on the ground speak in each location. The welcome is always held in the language of the respective country and in English.

      *Event dates and locations may be subject to change.

      Qualification and registration

      Each event has its own qualification phase and information thread, where we provide you with a precise description of the package, as well as details on how to qualify.

      Generally, Diamond status has to be reached within a defined time frame in order to take part along with Black Members. You need to earn at least 7,500 StrategyPoints in one month for Diamond status.

      We look forward to spending a fabulous 2013 with you!

      Your team at

      This is how our VIPs celebrated the VIP Tour 2012

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