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PokerStars Free-Play Facebook App FAQ

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      Following the announcement of PokerStars' latest social gaming app, a complete FAQ article has been released and printed below:

      Q. How do I create an account? Where do I begin?

      A. To create an account and start playing on Facebook, simply login to Facebook and follow this Facebook link. Doing so will open the on Facebook app. You will then be prompted to choose a User ID. This User ID is how other players at the table will see you. Please take care when choosing your User ID. Once chosen, it cannot be changed.

      After you have selected an available User ID, click “Continue” to start enjoying the game.

      Q. What if I already have a PokerStars account?

      A. If you already have a PokerStars account, please use your existing account to login to on Facebook. We will utilize your current account’s Play Money chip balance for your play on on Facebook. See the Inter-Platform section of this FAQ for more details.

      Q. I don’t like the User ID I have. How do I change it?

      A. Unfortunately, you cannot change your User ID. You will need to keep playing on on Facebook using the User ID you have already selected.

      Q. Can I have one User ID to play on Facebook and another User ID to play on the PokerStars desktop and/or mobile platforms?

      A. While you are permitted to have separate User IDs on Facebook and the desktop client, we encourage you to have only a single User ID for both so you can use a single chip bankroll on both platforms.

      Q. I already have an account at PokerStars but I created a User ID for on Facebook by mistake. How do I fix this?

      A. Please contact Support from your desktop software (‘Help’ > ‘Contact Support’) or from your PokerStars Mobile application (‘More’ > ‘Contact Support’). Provide both User IDs and they will link the two together for you so you can get full value for both (for instance, by using a single chip bankroll on both platforms).

      Q. How many chips do I start with? What if I run out of chips?

      A. You will be given 1,000 play money chips to start, and can earn additional chip bonuses in-game in a number of different ways. See the Advancing in the Game section of this FAQ for more details.

      Q. What if I run out of chips?

      A:You can always buy more chips (see the Shop and Items section of this FAQ for more details). However, if at any time you fall below 100 chips, you can go to any Hold’em or Omaha ring game and click the ‘Rebuy’ button to reset your account to 1,000 chips. This ‘Rebuy’ feature is intended to replenish your stack when you have legitimately lost all of your chips in play. The new 1,000 chips are for your use only. Rebuys acquired for any other purposes are subject to forfeiture.

      Note that you can only replenish your chips three times per hour. If you use up your three rebuys, you will either have to purchase more chips or wait until the next hour to use another rebuy.

      Q. Are games on on Facebook shared with PokerStars’ desktop and mobile platforms?

      A. Most of the games on on Facebook are shared with the desktop and mobile versions of This means that other players that you play against may be playing from PokerStars desktop or mobile software. There may be some tournaments and ring games that are strictly limited to Facebook players. Conversely, some tournaments and ring games will be available only on the desktop and mobile software. If you have any questions about which platform(s) specific tournaments and ring games appear on, don't hesitate to contact us.

      Q. What types of games are available on on Facebook?

      A. You can play Texas Hold’em and Omaha on on Facebook. Ring Games, Multi-Table Tournaments, Sit & Go Tournaments and Zoom Games are all available for these two types of poker.

      Q. What are Zoom Games?

      A. Zoom Games are a fast-paced ring-game format where you are moved to a new hand at a new table against new opponents as soon as you fold your current hand. This is possible because you play against a pool of players, instead of fixed opponents on one table. It’s the fastest poker game experience anywhere online.

      Q. Can I play for real money on on Facebook? Can I win any real-money prizes?

      A. on Facebook does not offer real-money games or prizes. All games are for play money chips only. There are no objects of value which can be redeemed for real money within the platform.

      Q. Does on Facebook support multiple languages?

      A. Yes. Currently the available language settings are English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and French. You can change the language by going to the ‘Settings’ option on the top menu.

      Q. Can I view other Facebook pages while playing on on Facebook?

      A. If you navigate away from the on Facebook game window, you will leave the game session. However, you can open a new tab or window from your existing browser session to continue browsing Facebook or other web sites while you play.

      Q. How do I logout of on Facebook?

      A. To logout from your on Facebook account once you finish playing, simply close your browser tab/window or navigate away from the app. This will immediately log you out.

      Q. What are Gold Coins?

      A. Gold Coins are used to buy Premium virtual items to display at the table. You can purchase Gold Coins or you can acquire them as rewards by unlocking Achievements or by completing Challenges. Virtual items bought with Gold Coins will stick to you and will not be lost when you close a game session. These items will only disappear if you remove or replace them.

      Q. Can I change the profile image I use at the tables?

      A. The image used for your on Facebook profile is the same as your current Facebook profile image. If you wish to change your on Facebook profile image, you will need to change your Facebook profile image.

      Q. Is there a maximum number of friends I can have in the on Facebook app?

      A. You can have as many on Facebook friends as you have for your Facebook account. However, your Facebook friends will only appear as your friends inside the on Facebook app if they also install the app to their Facebook accounts.

      Q. How do I search for, or add notes to, other players?

      A. These features are not available to on Facebook players at this time.

      Q. How do the Leader Boards work?

      A. There are two Leader Boards in which you automatically participate when you play on Facebook. The first is a Leader Board devoted exclusively to you and your friends, and resets every Sunday. The second encompasses all on Facebook players, and resets daily at midnight server time.

      To review your standing on either of the Leader Boards, click on the Leader Board button from the top right menu.

      Q. Do I get any prizes for reaching the top of any Leader Board?

      A. You don’t get any prizes, but you do get bragging rights!

      Q. Can I send free chips to another player?

      A. Currently, you can only send chips to friends. To send them chips, you can click on the ‘Send Chips’ button on the lower part of their Profile icon. The Profile section for your friends is located on the lower part of the game screen.

      Q. How do I receive the gift chips someone has sent me?

      A. To receive chips which were sent to you as a gift, you can claim these from the ‘Mail’ option. You can find the ‘Mail’ option on the top menu of the screen.

      Q. Is it possible to see a hand I played previously?

      A. There is a ‘Gamelog’ which can be reviewed to see the results of previous hands from your current session. The button can be found in the top menu at any table.

      Q. Can hand histories be saved? Are they stored anywhere?

      A. Hand histories are not stored locally to your Facebook account, nor can you access them on the server through the on Facebook app. However, you can review the results of previous hands during your current session by using the ‘Gamelog’ option.

      Q. How do I invite my Facebook friends to play at on Facebook?

      A. First take a seat yourself at one of the on Facebook tables. Then click on any other available seat at the table that says ‘Invite’. By doing so, you’ll be able to invite any of your Facebook friends to join the game and play with you.

      Q. How do I check out another player’s profile?

      A. You can check your own profile or any of your friends’ profiles. The Profile frames can be found on the lower part of the screen. You also can check an opponent’s profile while seated at a table by clicking on that opponent’s avatar.

      Q. What are Experience Points? How do I earn them?

      A. Experience Points are earned for certain actions you take while playing the on Facebook app. They determine how quickly you advance in level. The quicker you gain Experience Points, the quicker you level up. You will be awarded one Experience Point for every hand you participate in. You can also earn Experience Points by completing Challenges and unlocking Achievements.

      Q. How many levels are there?

      A. While there is a maximum level that players can attain, the cap for the levels will be revised constantly depending on the number of users who reach the cap. The only way to figure out the current cap is to reach it. Best of luck getting there!

      Q. What are Challenges?

      A. Challenges are specific sets of tasks that Team Pro Liv Boeree will give you to complete in exchange for rewards. The first few Challenges will help you learn how to use the on Facebook interface. However, as you progress, Challenges will become more and more difficult. There is a wide variety of Challenges that will allow users to enjoy all aspects of the game. Please note that new Challenges will be added from time to time.

      Q. What are Achievements?

      A. An Achievement is a game-related accomplishment. Upon unlocking an Achievement, you will receive a reward. You can see the list of Achievements you have unlocked by clicking on the ‘Achievements’ button from the top menu.

      Q. How do I buy more Play Money chips or Gold Coins

      A. You can purchase more Play Money chips or Gold Coins by clicking on the ‘+’ button next to your Play Money chip and Gold Coin balance at the top center of the screen. You can also buy more Play Money chips by taking a seat at any table and clicking the ‘Get Chips’ button.

      Q. How do I buy virtual items to display at the table?

      A. Click on the Shop option button from the top right menu and then select the item you wish to buy. Item prices labelled with a ‘$’ sign cost Play Money chips; item prices labelled with a golden circle sign cost Gold Coins. You can see your Play Money chip and Gold Coin balance at the top center of the game screen, right next to your Level indicator.

      Q. What is the difference between a regular item and a premium item?

      A. Regular items can only be bought with Play Money chips and will remain with you until your current game session is finished. When you end any game session in which you acquired a regular item, that item will disappear. You can easily identify regular items in the Shop as their price will be denominated with a ‘$’ sign.

      For example, if you purchase a ‘soda can’ using chips while at a ring game, when you leave the ring game table the soda can will disappear and will be removed from your account. The next time you take a seat at another game the soda can will not be displayed by your avatar.

      Premium items can only be bought with Gold Coins. Unlike regular items, premium items will stay with you indefinitely, across multiple game sessions, as long as you do not remove or replace them.

      For example, assume you purchase a ‘unicorn’ using Gold Coins while at a ring game table and then leave the ring game table to play in a tournament. When you take your seat at the tournament table, the unicorn will still be displayed by your avatar.

      Q. What happens if I receive an item as gift but I am already displaying an item?

      A. When you receive an item as a gift and you are already displaying an item, you will be prompted to decide whether to keep the item you are currently displaying or to accept the gift item and use that to replace your current item. You will not accept by default, so to replace your current item with the gift item you will have to accept the gift. If you are not already displaying an item at the time of the gift, you will automatically accept the gift item.

      Q. Can I customize table preferences such as the deck color, background theme and table color?

      A. Yes. To review the options available, please visit the Shop section and go to the ‘Table Themes’ tab. There is no charge for changing these table options.

      Q. Some players cannot see the virtual items I have or gifts I send them. Why is that?

      A. The games at on Facebook are shared with’s desktop and mobile platforms. Only players who are connected to on Facebook are able to see, buy and gift virtual items. Even though you may gift a non-Facebook player a virtual item, they will not be able to see the virtual items at the table.

      Q. I bought Play Money chips/Gold Coins/an item accidently. Can I return it and get a refund?

      A. Sorry, no. We have a very strict no-return policy on all chips, Gold Coins and virtual items. Once you buy something it cannot be returned.

      Q. I bought Play Money chips or Gold Coins but there was a problem with the transaction. Who do I contact?

      A. If you have a problem with a purchase for chips or Gold Coins, you can dispute the purchase through Facebook at

      Q. I bought a virtual item at the Shop, but it was never given to me at the table. What do I do?

      A. Please ensure that your chip or Gold Coin balance did decrease due to the virtual item purchase. It is possible that the transaction was not processed. Also note that if you gift an item to another player who already has a virtual item on them, they may choose to discard that gift item. In that case, the gift item you bought for them will not appear at the table at any point.

      If you still need assistance with undelivered virtual items, please contact

      Q. What are your chat rules?

      A. Certain forms and topics of chat are not allowed on on Facebook. Chat that is not permitted includes (but is not limited to):

      Profanity: We do not permit profane, vulgar, racist or abusive/insulting chat in our chat windows. We do have a feature by which certain profane words are asterisked out; a filtered word is one that has been deemed unacceptable on our poker site. Players attempting to bypass the filter may also be subject to a warning or account closure.

      Begging/Solicitation: We do not permit players to beg or panhandle for Play Money chips. No solicitation is permitted in any poker game at any time.

      Play Money Chip Sales: Players are not permitted to engage in any discussion regarding the sale of Play Money chips within our chat facilities. Any such discussion, including the offer to buy or sell Play Money chips, is grounds for warning or account closure.

      Flooding: The sending of multiple and frequent messages to the chat window in order to drown out legitimate chat is forbidden.

      Non-English chat: We are aware that our players are from around the world, and that for many of them English is not their first language. However, at this time our policy is that English is the only language allowed to be used in chat.

      Q. What should I do if someone is abusing the chat feature?

      A. We do not tolerate abusive or obscene language at the tables. Please report any offensive chat to We encourage players to help us be our eyes and ears. Although we monitor the tables as much as possible, the cooperation of our players is a critical part of making on Facebook a fun experience for all.

      Q. Can I block someone’s chat?

      A. This option is not currently available for on Facebook players.

      Q. Can I use languages other than English when chatting?

      We are aware that our players are from around the world, and that for many of them English is not the first language. However, at this time our policy is that English is the only language allowed to be used in chat.

      Q. Which web browsers are supported?

      A. for Facebook is supported on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. However, please make sure you have the latest version of your browser software, as some older versions are not supported.
      Q. I cannot access on Facebook using any browser. The game just doesn’t load. What do I do?

      A. First, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer system. If updating your version of Flash doesn’t solve the problem, clear the cache for your web browser and try re-loading on Facebook

      Should the problem continue, please email with a detailed description of the problem you have, your operating system and browser versions, and all of the solutions you have tried.

      Q. Certain options on the screen are missing from the game suddenly, how do I fix this?

      A. Should elements of the game screen disappear, please refresh the application by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F5’ together. This will refresh the browser and re-load the application for you.

      Q. Can I play using my mobile device web browser?

      A. on Facebook is not supported for mobile devices. However, we are always considering new platforms for our games. For more information about for mobile devices, see the Mobile page.

      Q. I alredy have a PokerStars account. Do I have to create a new account to play on Facebook?

      A. There is no need to create a new User ID if you already have one. You can login to on Facebook by using your existing PokerStars account. Just click the ‘Login to existing PokerStars account’ link when you first launch the on Facebook app.

      Q. If I login to on Facebook using my existing PokerStars account, can I change any of my account details?

      A. No. The on Facebook app cannot view any information from your existing PokerStars account other than your play-money chip balance, nor can it update any of your account details. If you require changes to your PokerStars account information, you will need to make those changes from the desktop application.

      Q. How safe is my personally-identifying information if I login to on Facebook using my existing PokerStars account?

      A. No personal information is sent to Facebook from your existing PokerStars account other than your existing Play Money balance. All personal information used in the on Facebook app comes from your Facebook profile and not from your PokerStars account. PokerStars account details cannot be accessed from the Facebook platform, with the exception of your Play Money balance.

      Q. Can I play simultaneously on on Facebook and on the desktop or mobile platform?

      A. No, you can only be logged into one platform at a time.
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