Poker Stars

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    • 60percentFAT
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      It's the biggest for a reason, I like it.
    • Erevos
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      I think it is the best room to play by far. Just the autohotkeys and easy seat functions make a huge difference. I also like the stellar and FPP rewards. The only negative for me is the untracked account...
    • vuciitis
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      its the toughest site there is for turnaments, only go play on stars if u are really serious about poker, if u want just to have a good time and win some money, go play on smaller sites. still, if u know what you are doing u will be winning anywere, so u just have to chose if u want to play vs better players and be forced to constantly improve or to just fool around and play for fun.
    • thesundancekid
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      well my thought on stars is , if u know what your doing its THE site to play so many BIG money games if you have the skills you have as good a chance as any 1 to ship some nice cash BUT............

      1. you need 1 hell of a roll..........

      2. ive been build roll bit by bit playing small game ie the bigs , 180 s n g's etc

      and it sooooooooooo fkn sick when you play for FKN 5-6-7 hours just to get FKD!! come in 40-100th and FKN win 25$ BRUTAL..

      any other site 6 hours deep ure in the FT..
    • duckspace
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      Stars is only foucus on poker. Poker is their onlY bussine, so they will focus on the serve for poker players. then , you will not made a lot of gambling Link on their software. I think it made their player feel more comfortable than other site.

      Stars will not do something to squeeze their customs. Like separate threir players as 2 pools without inform . When you play at Stars, you will not worry if the site tring to screw you.

      Finally, their withdraw is so fast. Almost immediately.

      I think these are reasons I play Stars.
    • TheMarxBros3
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      The stars software is the best around.
      The customer support is also great.
      In my thread "WSOP 2013 bound or busto" I posted an e-mail I received from support about cheating I suspected was going on between 2 players. They investigated my concerns right away and ended up banning the 2 players.
      You can read all the e-mails they sent me on my blog.

      I have played on many sites and still play on 3 but stars gets most of my action.
    • Zanardi1
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      The main reasons I play on Stars are because its the toughest competition of all and because is the easiest to get rakeback/cashback.

      Oh yeah, and the traffic.