VIP Tour: Prague

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      Joined: 11.01.2011 Posts: 5,692 Diamond status has a lot to offer. One of the great advantages is VIP parties in major European cities. The next stop is the heart of Europe, Prague, where we will be enjoying June 29, 2013 as a part of the Diamond VIP Tour!

      What will be doing in Prague?

      Shooting gallery in the Saturday afternoon
      Right after the shooting, we will be heading to The Pub.

      The exact times and pick up location for the shooting will be confirmed via email after you register.

      The above schedule and program is subject to change.

      Shoot down your own fish!

      VIP Tour is not just full of fun, but also some adrenaline – we are going to a shooting gallery!

      The schedule includes shooting with live ammunition under the supervision of experienced instructors, who will familiarize us with all the processes in a simple and fun way.

      You can try different shooting techniques with different weapons (see below) at different targets, from classic paper targets to dropping metal popper and gong targets. The shooting afternoon has a limited capacity of 25 attendants, do not wait for anything and register now! First come, first serve.

      Weapons and ammunition
      • Handgun 9mm Luger (Glock17/19, CZ 75) – 15 bullets
      • Assault rifle 7,62x39mm (CZ858) – 10 bullets.
      • Pump-action shotgun 12mm (Remington 870) – 10 bullets
      • Sporting rifle 22mm (Suhl 150, ZKM 456) – 10 bullets.


      Tab your own beer...

      Right after the shooting afternoon, we will be heading to one of the best pubs in Prague, which is simply called The Pub. You can look forward to rich dinner party with your own tap on every table with a beer directly from a storage tank. The main highlight is nevertheless the legendary entertainment in the company of our VIP players and staff.

      How can I participate?

      It's very simple:
      • Reach Diamond status between May 1 and June 15.
      • Send an e-mail to until June 15. Please include
      - your full name
      - nickname
      - whether you would like to attend the shooting gallery or just the party
      • Come to Prague on June 29 and enjoy an unforgettable day!

      We look forward to seeing you in Prague!

      For an overview of the VIP Tour 2013 please see our dedicated forum thread:

      Overview: The VIP Tour 2013

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