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"fdmlopes93" from 1k$ to 10k$ in 365 days! (MTT´s)

    • kikopego93
      Joined: 06.03.2011 Posts: 1,044
      Hello PokerStrategy! I´m here to present you my new project that will be related here. After some post´s at portuguese comunity where I showed my last results at MTT´s, some members asked me to creat a blog. So here I´m!

      This blog is more a challenge than anything else. I´ve been thinking about it for a whyle, and i realised that an objectiv would be something that will pressure me, what can be good.

      My main objective is to start with 1k$ and reach 10k$ in 365 days! I know that this wont be an easy challenge, but without difficulty it wont be funny. I will count with my fpps and silver star status too.

      With this blog i whant to reach a better level of game and share experiences and opinions with our comunity members. I hope that this will help players who got a low level of skill and let me learn with the more experienced ones.

      What did I made with the rest of my bankroll? I withdrawed something like 2300$+- and lost some. To start this chalenge I whanted to upgrade my poker setud with some cork pinels where I can put some notes and froms with ranges and stuff like that. I also bought "Mental Game of Poker". Will be reading this book for a whyle. Will also complete and review some parts of "Kill Everyone".
      With the withdraws I will also buy a TV and a PS3. I think that will be good to have something to distract me when my motivian and A-Game are far way.

      Results last 10 days:


      Now lets talk about something more tecnical about this chanllenge, what will i play and what kind of bankroll rules will I follow?
      I will play with 100 buy ins of each tournament that I play. When I jump to other level I will make some adjustements to this. I only pretend to play MTT´s and SNG´s multitable but the most part of my volume will be MTT´s where i prefer regular than turbos because of them lower balances in winnings. My favorit tournaments are the 500 Cap and the 1000 Cap, with rebuys and add ons!

      Game study? Here i will need to improve alot. I dont review my sessions alot and that makes me an underdog in some points. I always denote some advantage when I review my tournaments. From now on I hope that I can review 1 in 2 sessions. I will also post some hands here for us on comunity to discuss and improve everyones games.
      When will this chanlleng end? It will end at the 7th of June, 2014 our when I hit 9k$ profit from now on!

      Sorry about my english, I´m not a native. My mom will review my post´s when she can and I will correct the mistakes. Thanks!
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