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My NoLimit LAG Videothread

    • AnnaKurnikowa
      Joined: 11.01.2007 Posts: 1,364
      Hi guys,

      my name is AK and I started playing poker in january 2006. I started with the shortstackstrategy moving up in the limits until I did play up to NL200 SSS. After that I started my SnG-career ;o) from 5,5$ on up to 27$ and returned to SSS.

      In all those times I did play some tables No Limit Bigstack at the Shorthanded tables "just for fun" but with reading strategy. Eventhough it worked out some kinda well I returned to SSS until some days ago I was just sick of my SSS-downswing and started the BIgstackplay ;o).

      I don't play the normal ABC-poker that PokerStrategy tells us to, this TAG-style. I play LAG-style but you may check this out in my first video here:

      Video #1 - No Limit BSS, LAG. NL25 on FullTiltPoker:

      If you'd like to know anything else from me do not hesitate to contact me via skype.

      I'd be also glad if I got some comments from you concerning my play - what I may improve, what I did wrong, what I did good and those normal stuff ;o).

      Just 1 addition to my Video #1: At minute 25 I'm having a hand at the left bottom where you're gonna say: "check/fold turn" but let me give you an Equilator analysis in advance: If we give villain a range of AA-QQ, AKo, AKs, 66(the straight) we still ahve 49,55% winning chance. If we just take the range of AA-QQ we have 30% winning chance and but 20,90$ into the 55$ pot so we nearly get the correct Odds to do this BEFORE we did bet. After we did bet here the 8$ we have the correct Odds to call it all in there, but I think this range is too tight for him because we were playing very loose before and I see him "semibluffing" his two Overcards AK there very often.

      So, thats from my side - enjoy it!

      LAST WARNING: I play Loose-agressive!!!

      EDIT: I'm sorry for saying "no problem" that often :P I will try to stop this in my future videos
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    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      had a look..

      general notes:

      tighten up OOP (especially with raises from SB)
      loosen up IP.
      3bet more $$ OOP, and don't resteal so much. imo.
      don't 3bet ATo. it does really poorly against their raise/call ranges.
      you give your opponents way too much credit for hands. i'd like to see some more thinking about ranges, especially chances someone is bluffing, etc. which happens tons when you play LAG. also, you expect opponents to give you credit for too much. they are callstations at this limit, top pair is almost always good for value! :) .

      DO attack small pots. they are almost always free ^^; . and call a bit lighter, second pair is usually good heads up in limped pots!

      specific hands:

      the Q8s hand from ~4min, you raise it up pre and he min3bets. either call and check/raise or fold pre.

      the 8:30 hand with your 87-OESD, after he minreraises, i would 3bet there and try get it in. on the river on the JT986 board i would check/call. great board to bluff, but he can't really call your bet with anything worse than a 7.

      folding with your 55 at 11min to the weaaak is very weak, maybe is good, but a bluffraise with a second barrel is better imo (or a call and a raise on a non-club turn).

      also 11min, check behind river with 2pair. it's ok to bet, but the only draw got there so... and he couldn't raise you, 5$ put him all-in ;) .

      at 19min bottom left, either fold preflop or call his flop bet and raise all-in on many turns. folding pre is best

      cbet more $. it seems you bet less when you miss than when you hit.

      check/raise bottom left at 22min. people cbet that 3-way pretty often, especially cause it's a raggy board.

      check/call 25:09 bottom left. you have showdown value. betting there only gets you called (or raised) by better hands, and doesn't fold much worse. check/call gets value from bluffs, at the least.

      cbet tr at 26min. as played i'd raise or call his turnbet with your gutshot.

      same at 30min bottom left. you have the equity on the flop to get it all-in against Tx hands, so you should play cbet/call.

      oh yeah btw, i play up to 30/25/4AF on 5-handed, so i'm no nit ;) .
    • AnnaKurnikowa
      Joined: 11.01.2007 Posts: 1,364
      wow chenny,

      thats a pretty nice feedback :-) This is what I was hoping for, thank you in advance!

      You play 5-handed? Mansion?^_^;;

      I didn't think about the fact, people would bluff me that much you told me because I do not claim my opponents at NL25 to be thinking players but I'll try to catch some bluffs, think more about ranges and CBit almost the same size when I did hit/not hit.

      And thanks for picking some critical spots - it really helped me, thinking about it again.

      At the weekend I try to create another video, remembering your advices :)
    • Snodreliss
      Joined: 23.12.2007 Posts: 1,281
      Nice and intresting video. I don't think I will play that loose, but adjust abit. Take some small steps and might play that loose after a while..

      Looking forward to the next one.
    • lilprincess
      Joined: 13.05.2008 Posts: 2,549
      Hi, I've only watched 19min so far and I don't have time to go into details right now, but I think I recognize my(previous)self a lot here. Basically when I played the same limit I would be very laggy preflop like you are, but playing way more in auto-pilot-fit-or-fold mode postflop.

      This works very well at nl25 since everyone is just way too passive but when you move up to 50nl you'll start meeting more resistance, and comes 100nl it's a whole different story. I would assume it gets harder and harder the higher you go but I was never a regular at 200nl+.

      So first glaring leaks:
      -you can't play 76s type hands only to flop a flush/straight (which you seem quite good at in this video at least :D ). If you want to play these hands profitably you're going to have to steal pots when you don't flop very good.

      -you cbet way too much and regardless of board texture imo

      -don't donkbet or raise for info, this is very bad

      When I have more time I'll try elaborating a little.

      I play on ftp too so I have a good idea of how these games run.