Claim 1.5% cashback with 7.5x loyalty points at Skrill

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      Skrill 1.5% Cashback

      From July 26 - September 15, new and existing Skrill VIPs can earn 7.5 times as many loyalty points on all transactions. The loyalty points can be redeemed for cash or items from the VIP store for a rate of 1.5% cashback.

      Previously you were able to get 4 or 5 times as many loyalty points during this promotion, but between July 26 - September 15 you can now get 7.5 times as many in Skrill's largest-ever promotion.

      All you need to do is:

      Go to the Skrill Cashback Boost page.
      • Select Take Part Now.
      • Transact at least €6,000 to become a Skrill VIP (Unless you already are one).
      • Cash in your 7.5x loyalty points and enjoy your rewards

      This promotion is subject to Skrill's Terms & Conditions and can be changed at any time. Please see this list for full terms & conditions

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