[NL2-NL10] Cracked Hand

    • Freddie400
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      FR £50 NLH sb £1 bb£2
      Me BB with AA there's araise to £7 called once then a reraise of £42 from SB
      I reraise another £75 which is called by the SB (I put him on KK) I'm siiting with £3,00 total SB with a bit more. The flop is Q67 (two clubs) pot around £265. -SB checks i bet £75 with £65 left, he calls, turn 8spades, he checks i bet £65 allin he calls, river 9Hearts. I show AA, he says you just got very unlucky and shows 10,10...for the rivered straight.

      How can he call thr turn bet with only 10,10?
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