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How to create your own RAMDrive disk and use with PT and several poker clients

    • phullhand
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 168

      It’s not unusual to see people posting messages complaining of PT performance or some poker clients. I play mostly in Mansion, and the way the hand history is stored make my computer slow down for every single table that I open.
      The main problem here (trying to not go technically deep) is the way that the data (it could be the hand history or PT database) is stored on the hard drive disk. The Windows filesystem (responsible to manage our data on the hard drive) is not very smart, and it could be interfering on your system performance.
      Use a RAMDrive disk doesn’t make Windows smarter, but make the access to data faster than using a regular hard drive, since it don’t have mechanical parts to interfere.
      On a few words, a RAMDrive disk is a virtual disk that lives in your memory RAM. As you possible can be thinking, use this feature requires a little effort that I hope to help you :) .

      First you need to install a software that will take off some memory RAM space and show it as a regular hard drive to Windows.
      After some research I found RamDisk Plus, from SuperSpeed Software. It’s very easy to install and works pretty well. The only negative point is that you are supposed to buy it. You can download a trial version and see for yourself. Google it and in a few seconds you will be downloading it.

      Follow the installation instructions (next -> next -> next :) ) and reboot your system. Now, if you look at the Control Panel window you will have another icon where you will be able to create your new RAMDrive disk. Double click it.

      At the main window click in the Add button.

      Choose the space size for your new RAMDisk depends of how much memory you have. If your computer total memory size is just 512Mb maybe its not a good idea to cut off 256Mb of it ;) . But if you have 2Gb or more it shouldn’t be a problem.

      The filesystem type its not so important. You could use FAT or FAT 32 for every Windows versions. Use NTFS just with Windows 2000, XP or Vista. My computer runs Windows XP, but despite this I cannot use NTFS after all (don’t ask me why!! Microsoft stuffs…). My advice: use FAT32 and you will be fine.

      Choose a letter for your new drive. On my computer I choused R:.

      The Image File box is important because everything that reside on memory RAM is lost when you shutdown your computer. This option is essential to not loose your all data!! J MARK THE OPTION SAVE AT SYSTEM SHUTDOWN.

      Click ok and ok, and you probably have a new drive letter on your Windows Explorer.

      Now you can start to user your RAMDrive.

      On the next steps I’ll show how to move your poker client hand history and PT database to there.

      Moving hand history storage to the new drive:

      Mansion Poker: is the easiest one! Just copy and paste the Mansion Poker folder to the RAMDrive and start the client from there. Done! J

      FullTilt, PokerStars and others: just look in the Options menu for the field where the hand history folder should be stored and change to your new RAMDrive.

      Moving the PT database to the new drive:

      First you need to create a new tablespace on you Postgres database. If you don’t know what a hell I’m talking about, don’t worry just follow the next steps.

      Run the Postgres Admin program. Look for a folder named PostgreSQL, and click on pgAdmin III, in the Start menu.

      On the main screen, at left, double click on local server. It will be prompted to enter the password.

      After then right click on Tablespaces item and choose New Tablespace item.

      Use the screen bellow to see how to fill the fields. The location drive should be the same that you had just created for the RAMDRive :P

      I’m assuming that you already have PT installed on your system. So now we need to move your existing database to the new tablespace. (If you don’t, skip the moving part)

      First create a new database in the tablespace that you just created (as follow):

      Pay attention to the Enconding and Template fields. They are important to be set correctly.

      As supposed, to move the data between the two databases you need to know the name from the current database. If you have not change at the installation time, the default name should be “PT3 DB” (I’m using the PT 3 b2 version). But you could see by yourself on the left side from the pgAdmin, under the Databases folder.

      Then you will open a command prompt and go to the subfolder BIN of Postgres folder.
      Execute the command as follow:

      Note the name of database “PT3 DB”. If you need, change to the appropriate name.

      If you didn’t got any error messages, you now have all data on the new database.

      So far, so good… its time to point the PT client to the new database.

      Run PT and under the Database menu click on Database management.
      On the Database management window click in the New button.

      Choose a name, click on the “This database already exists” checkbox and then click Browse Databases. Look for the database that you have just created.

      After you click on Create button you will see two databases listed. Mark the new database and then click on Set active and Set default. Done!

      If you have any problems, please be my guest and post your doubts here. I hope other players could also post more tips and tricks and improve this tutorial.

      Please, if you now are using a RAMDrive post your experience. Let us know if it improve your system performance…

      Best regards
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    • 1seednoir1
      Joined: 27.05.2008 Posts: 1,068
      Just wanted to know before i download the Ramdisk software. if we download the trial version, then we create the new Ramdisk. are we going to lose it after the end of the trial???
    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      I have problem:

      what's wrong?
      ("PT3 DB" is my old database & "ramdisk" is the new one)
    • phullhand
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 168
      @opall90: ops, I'm sorry, the correct command should be:

      psql -U postgres ramdisk < ptdump

      I'll fix the image above!

      @1seednoir1: actually you will not loose, but you will not have access to it anymore. So I advise you to backup your PT database before the trial expiration if you don't have interest on buy the software.


      First, test if your RAMDisk is working perfectly. Try to create a regular text file in the RAMDisk and reboot your machine. If after that you could open and see the content of this file, your environment is safe to be used.

      best regards