's CoffeeHUD will be the first program to join the sale of Premium Add-ons from the PokerTracker store in December.

What is CoffeeHUD?

Heads-up games are unique - you play almost all your hands against one opponent, making information on said opponent many times more valuable.

CoffeeHUD gives you all this information neatly presented on your screen, created by heads-up players for heads-up players.

Created by coach Coffeeyay and keen heads-up player butitswrong, the CoffeeHUD was designed to be the best heads-up SNG HUD available.

"The idea is simple," says Coffeeyay. "To give you the maximum amount of information in the most effective way."

The CoffeeHUD splits up stats into "pure parts" - for example, preflop stats are split depending on effective stacks, postflop stats are split depending on whether the pot was limped, raised, or 3-bet. Check out our video showcasing CoffeeHUD.

"This is the HUD I've been dreaming about for years," says Coffeeyay.

Buy CoffeeHUD ($100)

CoffeeHUD was originally designed for PokerTracker 4 and will be the first available Premium Add-on for the software when the PokerTracker store begins their sale in December.