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About is one of the best resources for professional heads-up poker strategy and training videos, with numerous video packs on offer from some of the most successful Heads-Up Sit & Go players in the world. You can now view one of these videos every month, so be sure to keep checking our video and news section to keep up with the latest releases. coach "zZzTILT"
"zZzTILT" began playing poker as a 6-max cash player, but transititioned to Heads-Up Sit & Go games after success up to NL1000. He began playing the ever-more-popular hyper turbo format in 2011.

Since then has made over $130,000 at these games while teaching dozens of students. coach "phl500"
Originally a cash player (both No Limit and Omaha), "phl500" began playing Heads-Up Sit & Go games in 2010, and began playing hypers in 2012.

Phil's 6-hour video pack, "Crushing Hyper Turbos" includes slide shows, hand examples, theory discussions and more.