ICM From Hell: Feedback to the Quiz

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    • sismis
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      Do not make stupid moves on bubble ffs :D
    • riv3rd4ncer
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      i did terrible lol. 7/22

      although i didn't see it at the time, i can understand now why i should fold AQs knowing he's pushing any 2. even though it's much more likely i win the hand and end up with 75% of all the chips, it's still not worth the risk at that time.
      what i don't understand is how later on, a call with A9o against a range of 37% is worth the risk?
      both cases if you lose you're out before the money. 1st case chance of losing is much smaller and reward seems bigger.
      i know it's all about ICM and the answers are in the numbers, so i'm not really expecting any answers besides to look for them there.
      i'm going to familiarize myself a bit better with the concept, because right now, it's hard for me to see the logic in certain situations.
      in the meantime, i will follow the advice to do the exact opposite of what my instincts tell me ;)

      one more question. 2nd situation. if he would just have raised instead, a push with our AQs would have been the right response, right?
    • timukasr
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      In this case, we know that the opposing player is on monkey tilt right now and will call with any two cards.
      Blinds: 400/800
      Hero: 14445
      BB: 5555

      Preflop: Hero is SB with Q2o
      Test said we should push but against random cards (villain calls any card) Q2o is not ahead (47 against 53) so I dont see how this call is justified.
    • Sharp80
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      Nice quiz btw, although I had a terrible result:)

      I gave the answers based on what I should do in that particular situation and it seems a bit different comparing what I should do according to ICM... :D

      Still it could be interesting to discuss some points.

      My score was terrible, I had 11 out of 22 and this was the comment:

      If you weren't deliberately trying to mess up, you have two choices:

      No, I didn't messed up deliberately :D

      With problem 4 I noticed that I drunk to less coffee this morning. :D

      Problem 5 should be a push, but I would definately fold here. After passing the blinds I still would have a stack of 3800 chips, say a bit more then 6BB. This means I still would have fold equity.
      If I would have a stack of about 5BB (3K) before passing the blinds then I would have pushed here, because I would lose a lot of fold equity after passing te blinds.
      So I don't really get it why I should push in this example.

      Problem 6 is difficult for me. BU would shove here with a range of 37% according to Nash, but do they really push this range here? I personally think this is a very loose range. If the range would be 27% or less then it would be a fold and I think this would be more realistic actually.

      Problem 7 would be also a fold for me altough it is plus EV to push here. If I know that villain calls with ATC then I would definately wait for a better spot here.

      Problem 8 is about the same for me as problem 5. With a slightly smaller stack I would push first in, but now I still would have 5BB after passing the blinds. I think I can wait for a better spot with still having fold equity.

      What do you think about these points?
    • RockEye
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      I scored 0 :D . But in real play final table 1-4 opponents i win 95% of hands.
    • maoiste
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      I really liked the quiz. I scored 13 points btw.

      Keep up the good work and thanks.
    • slikec
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      This quiz is true example why i play low limits :D On low limits some of suggested decisions would totally backfire :D