Raising Question!

    • jg2000
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      Hello all!

      I have a question about rasing in beginner strategy.

      It says preflop that if one or more raises in front of me that I should raise
      3 times the last raise + 1 time for every caller.

      So here is the situation : One player raises then two players call after him and then the next player re-raises.

      Does this mean that I raise only 3 times the re-raise or 3 times the re-raise
      + 2 times for every caller?

      Thank you!
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi jg2000,

      you actually reraise 3 times the amount of the reraiser...
      But that doesn't make much sense in this case.
      If you have a hand like AA or KK and you want to raise the re-raiser, you've got to consider that if you raise you will only have around 40BB stack left in a 135,5BB pot. So in such situation you should just push preflop.

      Best regards,