First royal flush...

    • Hlynkinn
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      I'll just write down the hand since no hand converter can convert Stud

      So I sit down at a $1 horse sng...

      we are down to 5 players... i get dealt this nice hand

      K :spade: , Q :spade: , A :spade:

      with the lovely Ace of spades showing in the window... ofcourse I raise get two callers..

      4th Street:

      K :spade: , Q :spade: , A :spade: , A :diamond:

      Now my hand looks kinda hardcore in the window with pair of aces but ofc. I keep raising... one dude gets scared other guy calls

      5th Street:

      K :spade: , Q :spade: , A :spade: , A :diamond: , J :spade:

      Now I get this I have two cards to catch my one outer feeling... I'm almost smiling that I can be thinking so positive lol :) ( as for all of you that are regulars on the irq channel you gotta know by now that positive thinking is the nuts)

      6th street:

      K :spade: , Q :spade: , A :spade: , A :diamond: , J :spade: , T :club:

      Blaaack ten!!!! oh no this is the other black ten :( but I keep betting and dude keeps calling

      7th street:

      K :spade: , Q :spade: , A :spade: , A :diamond: , J :spade: , T :club: , T :spade:

      I'm like what... what now? did I really hit it?... And I go to the irq channel:

      (-22:45:15-) <Hlynkinn> ROOOYAAAL FLUSH
      (-22:45:41-) <SoyCD> ollee
      (-22:45:49-) <Hlynkinn> my first ever
      (-22:45:52-) <Hlynkinn> stud hi all the wayyy
      (-22:45:58-) <SoyCD> lol in stud?
      (-22:46:28-) <Velak> NICE. GRATS!

      And I go on celebrating my fiiirst ever royal flushhhhhh... By not really knowing what just happened lol...

      But ofc. there is a beat... After probably million of holdem hands.. I've never gotten a royal flush.... For the third time I try horse on full tilt I get one....

      ofc. this had to happen on my friends account... lol not mine... I had him come over and we played some donkaments on his account then he had to leave and I kept finishing the sng's we had already started...

      And lol that space theme is not what I use normally... My friend thought it would bring us luck.. I guess it brought me luck :)

      so I'm kind not happy... After all this poker playing... I get my royal flush on a friends account in a $1 stud game... lmao
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    • Cagey75
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      Lovely stuff. Doesn't matter where or how you get one or how much you win, it's still a Royal! It might be the only one you ever get. I got loads of Straight Flushes across different games, 5 card, NLHE and Omaha but only ever the one Royal -

      Flopped it in a MTT on Boylepoker, when they were on Prima.

      Unfortunately everyone folded bar one guy, I bet the pot, 70 chips to try throw him off the scent, and he folded - I doubt I would have gotten much out of him anyhow if he folded to that small amount.

      I showed of course and the guy up top said he had the bottom end of it, 8h9h and folded pre-flop!! I think he was genuine too as we were chatting a bit after and he seemed sound. I woulda surely cleaned him out if he'd called.

      Anyway, sorry for Hijacking the thread, welcome to the club :D
    • p0kerQT
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      Ive had 2 royal flushes :P 1 in holdem when I was a newbie playin QJs oop, and another in omaha which I won 30c for ^^ Its always nice when you get one
    • Neverwinter
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      Well this just happened. My first royal flush in Omaha H/L and my second overall.

      The other one was in Stud H/L. Long time passed but i'll post it anyways :)

      As you see my royal flush in Stud is from ace to nine :P
    • dadude77
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      I got my first one yesterday playing NL 10 SSS...

      I dont have pokertracker or elephant, but heres how it happend..

      was dealt Ah Th in BB, checked with BU in the pot

      *** Flop *** : Kh Jh Qh :)
    • ehkayforty7
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      lol, my friend had a Royal in some qualifier for that $2mil. prize pool tourney on Party just a week or so ago.

      Anyways you think that would be a good thing. The board ended up pairing the river and my friend actually DIDN'T NOTICE HE HAD A ROYAL LOL.

      A few people go all in in front of him and he told me he knew at least I guy had a boat (he apparently just saw the flush, which he flopped -- along with OE Royal draw, can't see how you miss that), so he folded.

      A few hands later he realizes his mistake. Man was he ever tilting....

      Sorry to hijack your thread hehe, this kinda thing happens when Royal Flush threads come up. =P

      But nice hand! I've had one Royal (in spades =D), so I know how awesome it feels. Soak it in baby!!! Hahaha
    • Alafoe
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      In fixed limit I always call royal or straight flush draw. In NL it could be sometimes tough but one is almost certain: you are not drawing dead.