Today PokerStars revealed that it will be trialling Zoom-only high stakes games at the $50/$100 level. From January 1, all $50/$100 No Limit and PLO ring game tables and Table Starters will be removed at off-peak times and replaced with $50/$100 Zoom pools.

No decision has been made yet as to whether this will be a permanent change.

“PokerStars developed a special High Stakes Zoom product with an eye toward replacing all High Stakes games with Zoom, and it’s now time to put it to a test,” said Nick Williamson, Ring Game Manager for PokerStars.

“Our players have told us that they want to focus on playing poker, rather than worrying about seating, lobby and software settings to get them the best seat at the table. This is in an effort to allow players to concentrate on actually playing poker while encouraging a healthy, competitive, non-predatory environment in our highest stakes games,” said Williamson.

High stakes railbirds will still be able to watch the nosebleed games, as the PokerStars server will pick out the (likely) most exciting hands from the last ten minutes at an observer table.

In a press release PokerStars stated that they were aware of potential issues with moving towards a Zoom-Only offering, but said that the current state of the games at these stakes makes the risks associated with a major change worth taking.

What are your thoughts? Is this the shot in the arm the nosebleed games need or is it bad for high stakes poker?