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Official "Non Smoking is +EV" Tournament (Collin Moshman and few Bounties inside) ++ NEWS Page 6 ++

    • NijeVaznoKoSam
      Joined: 30.08.2013 Posts: 852
      Hi guys,

      since i grabbed some free money for supporting our new non-smoking-member raise2much
      (more info's here: Quit Smoking Challenge) i wish to share this success with you.

      And the best way to do so is to give away a $5 in a special Non-Smoking-Tournament!!

      Pokerroom: Pokerstars

      $5.50 NLH with additional

      *$5 Bounty
      on our epic Guest Star Collin Moshman :s_biggrin: - kicked by HollyMichelle
      $5 Bounty on VorpalF2F donated by RasTweet, who unfortunately can't play by himself - kicked by Collin Moshman
      $5 Bounty on HollyMichelle - Winner
      $5 Bounty on FFRRAANNKKIIEE - kicked by HollyMichelle
      $5 Bounty on NijeVaznoKoSam :f_biggrin: - kicked by Jery666

      additional $5 payed by Lazza61 to the Winner of this Tournament, if he get weak and touches any cigarette until he is not busted out of this Tournament (incl. breaks) - i guess he could resist!! Grats!! :D

      additional $5 donated by JCSeerup to the best suckout :D - we wait for official review :D

      additional $5 donated by tonypmm to the sickest herocaller :D - we wait for our official jurymember who have enough skills to check this out :D here for his crazy rules please... :s_cool:

      Originally posted by tonypmm

      So I want the $5 to be given to the author of the sickest herocall! More precisely,

      1. Eligible hands will be those that win the showdown after calling the last river bet/raise* and use at least one hole card, except for heads-up (with 2 players dealt into the hand) and blind-vs-blind (when everyone folds to the SB) spots.

      2. The one with the worst [5-card] eligible hand* (among all played in the tourney) will win the prize.
      3. In case there are two or more identical worst eligible hands, their holders will split the prize equally.

      4. If there are no eligible hands [i.e. no one calls on the river AND wins the showdown], then I'll send the prize to no one :f_tongue: (so call me maybe :f_grin: ) So informally, the objective is to catch a bluff holding some rag hand like jack high, though a bluffcatcher like a pair of deuces will be also good if no one busts a bluff with even an ace high.

      5. To compete for the prize, a player must opt in by posting a herocall HH - and the starting time of the hand - in this thread within 24 hours after the tourney finish.

      So informally, the objective is to catch a bluff holding some rag hand like jack high, though a bluffcatcher like a pair of deuces will be also good if no one busts a bluff with even an ace high.

      * To clarify, the hand that will take part in the comparison is the one that's picked on showdown by Hold'em rules, i.e. the best 5-card hand out of the 2 hole and 5 board cards. This will apply even if there's a worse 5-card hand made out of those 7 cards that still beats all opponents' best hands. Hands that don't involve a hole cards (i.e. 'playing the board') will be ineligible, i.e. cases when everyone seeing the showdown splits the pot playing the board won't count, as we can't speak of a bluff being caught in such a case. HU (and BvB) hands are excluded because ranges are too wide there and it would give an advantage to the last two people standing. Pots that are checked through on the river or are all-in before the river won't count either.

      Start: Saturday, 29.03.2014, 15:00 ET
      Tournament: 884127419
      Tournament Name: Non Smoking is +EV
      Password: only on request

      I hope we will have an epic and funny Tournament with many participants - what should not be so hard, because i am a huge fish and to grabb this free money is quite easy :f_cry:

      Eligible for the Bounties are only PS-Member, who requested the password and have provided their Pokerstars - Nick personally via PM.

      *Sidenote: differently to the Announcement in the Pokerstarslobby there will be not only 1 Bounty!! So be prepared for a crazy Haunt!! :D

      To have it a bit easier for all who will earn a Bounty: please announce it here in this Thread (with Pokerstar Nick and Country/or explain how your Avatar look like - that we can identify you easier) , so if you kicked one of our Bountyholder he/she will send you per player transfer your $5.

      gl NVKS
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