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      Hi guys.
      I lost my cap a few days ago in the town's gymnasium hall. Damn, i really love that cap. It was my "chill-out" cap which gave me a bit of luck at the poker tables.

      "Why don't you simply buy a new cap, lillsoxxor?"

      - Pahh, why buy a cap when you can play poker for one!

      Goal: Reach 700 FP at Pokerstars to buy the cap
      How: Atm, i'm 1,5$ playing HU hyper turbo

      "That's going to take a looooong time for you to reach the cap if u only rake 6 cent per tournament."

      Yup, it's going to take a long time if I don't move up. But it's no rush really, I enjoy playing them. Of course i'm going to move up the levels - when the bankroll allows me.

      FPP atm: 124
      FPP goal: 700

      (Don't take this to srsly guys, of course, my main goal is to build up my bankroll as much as possible. I just like to have some side goals while I'm at it.) =)
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