The Countdown to 900 Million: Carnival of Tournaments April 14-27

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      Countdown to 900 million

      PokerStars is on the verge of reaching its 900 millionth tournament and as such is boosting its guarantees and adding prizes between April 14-27

      This is a huge milestone, and just like their billionth hand promotion, the countdown is going to be very profitable for some players.

      The Carnival of Tournaments is two weeks of added value for tournament players, which includes:

      900 millionth tournament

      The 900 millionth tournament on April 27 at 13:00 ET. It has a $109 buy-in, $1 million guarantee and $100,000 in added prizes given to random tables in the first two hours. Satellites are already underway at PokerStars.

      For the first two hours of Tourney Number 900 Million, PokerStars will pause the action every 10 minutes to reward prizes to five randomly chosen tables. Up to 45 players will win a prize each time, with up to 540 players rewarded throughout the tournament.

      Prizes will be issued as follows:

      Over $2 million in increased guarantees

      Tournament guarantees will increase by 50% between April 21-25, 100% on April 26 and 200% on April 27.

      BIG: From April 21-25, The Daily Big tournaments will award bubble prizes and guarantees will be increased by 50%
      BIGGER: On April 26, The Daily Big tournaments will be renamed ‘Bigger’ and have their guarantees doubled, plus award bubble prizes
      BIGGEST: On April 27, The Daily Big tournaments will be renamed ‘Biggest’ and have their guaranteed prize pools tripled.

      There will also be bubble prizes awarded to players who just miss the money, which is a free ticket to the same tournament they just bubbled (On another night, not a re-entry).

      Golden Sit & Go's

      Golden Sit & Go's will return with $500,000 in cash rewards. Selected Sit & Go prize pools will be randomly doubled, tripled or quintupled.

      Golden Sit & Go’s will be selected at random and receive either a Big, Bigger or Biggest prize, which could be up to FIVE times the normal buy-in and prize pool amount.

      BIG: You win your Sit & Go buy-in back, and will therefore be 'freerolling' in the tourney. The total prize pool will also be doubled.
      BIGGER: You win 2x your Sit & Go buy-in, and the total prize pool will be tripled.
      BIGGEST: You win 5x your Sit & Go buy-in, and the total prize pool will be multiplied by six.

      If you do not have a PokerStars account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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