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      Internet will discuss checkraise strategies on dry and wet board textures and his gameplan on future streets. Of course he will also take different possible betsizes in consideration.

      Time: 20:00 - 21:00 CEST (starts 19:00 London, 20:00 Berlin, 21:00 Athens, 22:00 Москва)
      Date:every other Wednesday
      Status: Platinum+
      Target Audience: NL100+

      You have a clear game plan with precise ranges when it comes to 3-betting from the Big Blind versus a Button open minraise. But how do you handle a 4bb Button raise? When deep? And a SB fish that donks many flops has already called?

      We will focus on spots that rarely happen. Preflop and Postflop, awkward stack sizes, weird opponents, check-minraises and overbets. We will focus on how to think in these rare situations and how to make good decisions on the spot.

      • Use "wrong" stats to read your opponents. If you don't have stats on your opponents action, but some other stats you have access to can be interpolated. For example, a generally aggressive player will value bet thinner.
      • Always thinking about your own range and calldown frequencies in every spot.
      • When to play maximally exploitive against strange behavior of your opponents.
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