Future Game Simulation (1): Introduction

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      Imagine you are on the final table of a tournament (SNG or MTT) with a high payjump between 5th and 4th place:

      Given the odds and your opponent's range you know you have a call that is profitable "in a vacuum", but something tells you that this situation requires deeper consideration. Therefore, you ask yourself the following questions:

      - What will my future situations look like if I win/loose this hand?
      - Is my current position convenient to apply pressure?
      - Do I want to have a player with a short stack at this table? Is it good that he sits on my right?
      - Should I expect medium stacks to be tight as long as there is a short stack in the game? What does this mean for my future possibilities?

      What's your decision?

      Unsure? We have the answer for you!

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