Private Coaching with mbml
Private NL coaching with oblioo
[Information&Feedback] Private Coaching with Bierbaer
Private Coaching - Shevtshenko - NLHE cash
Uri Peleg coaching
Private 'lnternet' Coaching. NL cash.
Ultimate Guide to Crushing 6max in 2014
PPC - Pleno, Private, Coaching
Private Coaching: NL BSS SH and FR NL2 to NL100 with Bogdan - Database Analysis
w34z3l's Cash Game Coaching! (vid review promo ITT)


Private Coaching chenny8888 (NLHE, SH, English)
Private Coaching with lessthanthreee - information and feedback (SnGs, English)
akrammon - Private SnG Coaching
SNG, MTT and Cash coaching with parodiq


Private Coaching with Tiltberger (MTTs)
SNG, MTT and Cash coaching with parodiq
Private Coaching with Asaban (MTT/MTSNG)


Private Coaching for micro PLO with Kyyberi
Micro and ssPLO coachings with Skodljivec


Mental Game Coaching with author/expert Jared Tendler
Fix the #1 mistake that is keeping you from success with Skyrocket Your Productivity Workshop
Mindset and Life-Coaching with Erik Stenqvist [Updated 01.06.14]
How to Become a 6-Figure Poker Player: The Strategies and Systems That You Need to Succeed

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