On Sunday, August 10, ten PKR players will line up for the Road to Team Pro Final.

The last player standing will follow in the footsteps of Jake Cody, Vladimir Geshkenbein and Sofia Lovgren, joining a team alongside Simon Hemsworth, Eleanor Gudger and Patty Beaumier to represent PKR at some of the world's biggest poker tournaments!

How to win:

You will earn Road to Team Pro leaderboard points for every 100 PKR Points earned at any ring game, Sit & Go or MTT on PKR:

Leaderboard Points
Game Type Points
100 PKR Points earned through ring games 1
100 PKR Points earned through SNGs 1
100 PKR Points earned through MTTs 10

Five seats at the Final will be won outright by the top five finishers on the Road to Team Pro leaderboard, with the remaining five seats up for grabs in the Playoff contested by positions 6 through 100 on the leaderboard.

Here's how the chips will be allocated in the Playoff according to leaderboard positions for places 6-100:

Playoff Chip Allocation
Leaderboard Position Starting Stack
6th 15,000
7th 12,000
8th 11,000
9th 10,000
10th 9,000
11th-15th 8,000
16th-25th 7,000
26th-40th 6,000
41st-60th 5,000
61st-80th 4,000
81st-100th 3,000

Final Prizes

Qualify for the 10-seater Road to Team Pro Final on 10 August and you'll be guaranteed a prize. But each of the ten finalists will have eyes only for the $5,000 sponsorship package, a six month contract to represent PKR on poker's biggest tournament stages!

Final Prizes
Final Position Prize
1 $5,000 Team Pro Package
2 $1,000
3 $500
4 $250
5 $150
6 $100
7-10 $50

Good luck!

PKR's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

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