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From $0 to $1,000,000 (A dream or nightmare?)

    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hello all,

      I first included this in my main blog http:// but thought I would separate it out so that it was clearer to see.

      Basically a while back I revisited my old Pacific Poker account (with $0 Balance) and managed to win a Freeroll MTT.
      I wondered if I could turn this free money (all $1 of it rofl) into a decent cash stack, a la Chris Ferguson.

      Will be broadly following SSS strategy on NL Full Ring tables, but will need to play extremely tight early on as my $1 BR isn't nearly sufficient for the lowest tables available (NL2).

      I would stress in no uncertain terms that this is only a bit of fun. I am not actually aiming to win $1m, that was just put there to grab your attention (well it worked didn't it ;) ).

      I expect to go bust fairly early on and if I do, I will attempt to get back on track by cashing a Freeroll again.

      I suspect that this is a pretty much impossible task and remember that Chris F. himself struggled for months trying to get past the $6 mark, but hey life is a journey, lets enjoy the ride.

      I'll update all table results in this initial thread to keep the blog tidy, be sure to read here first, but feel free to post replies whenever you like, or run a book on how soon I will go bust. :D

      Date		Table	Level	 Staked 	 Left 	 Bankroll
      29/09/2008	 n/a 	 n/a 	 n/a 	 n/a 	 $-   	
      29/09/2008	$100 Freeroll = 11th / 2,500 (+$1.00) $1.00 				
      11/10/2008	#1	NL2	 $0.50 	 $1.30 	 $1.80 	
      15/10/2008	#2	NL2	 $0.50 	 $-   	 $1.30 	
      19/10/2008	#3	NL2	 $0.50 	 $1.47 	 $2.27 	
      18/11/2008	#4	NL2	 $0.50 	 $0.73 	 $2.50 	
      18/11/2008	#5	NL2	 $0.50 	 $0.95 	 $2.95 	
      18/11/2008	#6	NL2	 $0.50 	 $-   	 $2.45 	


      Table #4 - Second hand (SB) A :diamond: 3 :spade: , limped in for the extra 1c due to value (5 flat calls). Flop rainbow A38, I checked & then reraised a short stack all in. Blinded out after winning the HU, sweet. If only they all were this easy.

      Table #5 - Waited patiently until (BU) A :club: K :spade: and reraised a raise from UTG+1. Won against A :heart: Q :spade: .

      Table #6 - (BB freeplay) K :club: Q :heart: , flopped both for top 2xpair. 3xRaised & called resulted reraise only to lose to 5 :heart: 6 :heart: flushed on the turn. Oh well, such is life. You know it's virtually impossible to go on tilt when playing for 1c/2c stakes lol :D

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