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Changing LifeStyle and Going for the FPP!!

    • ilostmysoul
      Joined: 28.12.2014 Posts: 78
      Hello everyone :)
      I have already made my introduction and a little bit of my life which can be found here: my life story

      To complement on that, I've ever since officially quit college for now to get my life in order, figure out what I really want to do with it, improve 1 single grade that can grant me a better course, and get my driving license.

      Regarding my personal life I want to improve some parts. I have a steady group of friends with whom I get along pretty nicely, but to be fair it's the only group I can chose to hang out with. If for some reason I want to change or quit the group, I'll be stuck (although I still have a couple of old friends to count on + family, and I'm immensely glad for that). This puts a lot of pressure of "Try to be cool and funny and awesome so that they like you", which goes against the personality I've been trying to grow for the last few years.
      Also after you get used to a single group and stop actively seeking out and meeting new people, your social skills start failing you, and I'm starting to see that. For example I had my first driving theory class today and it was simply awesome. Enjoyed the heck out of every second. However out of all those people there with me, I talked with 1 girl, to tell her she was pretty funny, and that was it. I went in without talking to anybody, had the class, and basically stormed out without saying anything to anybody either. Most people probably think I'm some kind of a serious, rude and uninteresting guy, even the nice old lady behind the counter that didn't hear a mere "Good night" from me.
      Also I've let routine into my life for too long now. I don't recall time I actually went on an adventure outside my comfort zone. It's getting boring and depressing to do the same things with the same people every single day.

      Poker-wise, I haven't played for a while now, since I actually made a (small) deposit from my bank account into PokerStars and I want to study theory to back it up since I lost my initial bankroll on a lot of the dumb plays. My goal for now is to finish PS' articles and videos and advance just a little more on "The Theory of Poker" before tuning down on poker study and turn into my license and grades.

      Here are some personal and poker-related challenges I want to set myself for next month.

      1. Get my driving license by February 25th. It's hard to do this in 1 month, but at least finishing the theory and advance quite a bit on the practice would be awesome, especially since I barely ever touched a car before and the manual transmission seems kinda tricky.

      2. Get 1.000 FPP on PokerStars by February 25th. It may seem a bit easy for some of you, but I'm a NL2 player with not that much of free time with all the studying and stuff going on. I only want this to get a PokerStars cap. I don't have the account tracked since I had it before joining PS, but I will take a photo of it once I have it!

      3. Do something nice for the local community and for myself at least twice a week. I kinda cheated and inserted 2 goals here, but it's okay. Like I said, routine has became a very heavy load in my life. Wake up -> Study -> Lunch -> Study -> Hang out -> Class -> Dinner -> Hang out/study. Haven't actively met anyone for myself for a while now and it's been a while since I did something new, exciting, or original. Heck even long bike rides have become a thing of the past. Also I always liked to help people in creative ways. The last time I ever something along those lines was when I bought a bunch of flowers and woke up at 7am to put them in people's cars with inspiring messages. Yea kinda lame but whatever it felt good. Basically doing new things and helping strangers (even if just ATTEMPTING to bright their day)
      If I get a creative idea for an adventure/cause I'll post some pictures that go along with it.

      Mastering poker strategy and make some profit would also be secondary goals. Oh and I want that hoodie!!

      Well that's pretty much it by now,
      Thanks everyone for reading and good luck at the tables :)
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