24hBet is giving you the chance to win the following prizes in 3 juicy freerolls running on February 16, February 23, and March 02 at 19:00 CET:

1st: Go Pro Hero4 Camera
2nd: €215 MPN Poker Tournament Ticket
3rd-6th: €80 MPN Poker Tournament Ticket
7th-11th: €11 MPN Poker Tournament Ticket
12th-30th: €2,2 MPN Poker Tournament Ticket

How do I get involved?

Just play at least 100 raked hands in the seven days leading up to each tournament.

Plus, the more hands you play in the build-up, the more chips you'll start with in the freeroll:

• Play at least 200 raked hands: Get 1,000 extra chips
• Play at least 300 raked hands: Get 2,000 extra chips
• Play at least 400 raked hands: Get 3,000 extra chips

24hBet's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time

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